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Why Men With Pets Are More Desirable



One of the strongest reasons for a woman to get attracted to a man is when he owns a pet. Women are driven towards men who have pets. Pets have been the best companions to singletons. They might turn into the best thing for men to find a soulmate. Studies reveal that men who own dogs have more chances of attracting a woman and they have high chances of talking to that woman. Generally, women hardly take the first initiative, but if you own a dog there are more chances of a woman talking to you first. Women are very choosy when it comes to selecting a life partner, whereas men on other end focus on few traits for their choice. This is one of the reasons why women take a longer time in deciding about their life partners. Having a pet can make it easy for a man, as women find men to be more passionate and committed if they have pets. To know the reasons why girls are attracted to men who have pets, read on to know more.

1. Committed The first step in a relationship is based on commitment. Women generally look for subtle signs that reflect the personality traits that they are looking for. And a man who owns a pet nails this criteria. Women conclude that men who take care of their pets are more committed and caring, as there is a lot of dedication involved in taking care of a pet. This is one of the best reasons why women are more attracted to men who have pets.

2. Lack Of Selfishness Women jump to the conclusion that men are not selfish by seeing them spend money on their pets and their care take. It is extremely hard for a selfish man to upbring a pet. Women assume that the care and affection men show towards their pets can make them great husbands and fathers.

3. Kindness Women expect their man to treat them well and nothing can give a better indication of kindness than the way he treats his pets. A research has proved that men with pet dogs are more kinder and friendlier when compared with other men.

4. They Are Healthier Having a pet can keep you on your toes at all times. Its just like having a baby at home who refuses to grow up! Taking the pet out on walks does help in making the men stay healthy. And its not a surprise that women are more fond of a healthy man. Therefore, this is one reason why they get attracted to such men.

5. Social Skills Dog owners are usually extroverts, as they have good communication and social skills. Women are attracted to men who have good social skills, as they find them to be more mature and understanding than the rest. This is another reason why women like men who have pets.

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