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Why Sex Does Not Have To End When He Achieves OrgasmZUMI



Many women are struggling with a unatisfactory sex life mostly because there are certain sex ‘protocols’ that make it seem like it’s all about the guy’s pleasure.

A very good example is what happens after a man achieves orgasm during sex. Traditionally, this is when he rolls over and everyone puts on their underwear and moves on. If this sounds like your sex life, you’re missing out for sure.

The female orgasm does not happen in an instant

If you’re the type of woman who achieves orgasm through penetrative sex, you’ll find it difficult to reach your destination. A 2009 study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine showed that men last an average of 6 minutes between penetration and orgasm. Another study found that it takes an average of 10 to 20 minutes for a woman to climax.

his orgasm

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With these numbers, it’s pretty clear that if sex is over because he achieves orgasm, women would probably never have orgasms.

The pre-. process

To solve this, many couples try to get a bit of fore. in before sex. This way, he can help you reach the big O even before you get started. Or at least, he can get you close enough so you reach climax quicker.

While this is a great system, it has a few downsides. For one thing, quickies will not be very satisfying. There’s also the fact that if the goal is to achieve orgasm before sex, then you both will have to be at it for at least 20 minutes.

achieves orgasm

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Post-sex treatment

So, why not switch things up. Instead of following the ‘ladies first’ rule, it may be better for your sex life if your needs are met later on. By the time he has climaxed, you must have been well and truly turned-on and on fire. Then he can start the process of getting you off.

The good news is that many women do not need penetrative sex to cum. In fact, a clitoral orgasm is much more common for ladies. So, as long as your clitoris is being stimulated, you’re ready to go. He can go down on you, use his hands, and you may even both invest in some fun toys for this part. The goal is to do whatever makes you feel sexy, relaxed and pampered.

achieves orgasm

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So, don’t just slip your panties back on when he cums. Use your words. Ask for what you need. It just might be the first step to a whole night of back-to-back orgasms.

Have you ever had an orgasm? Do you even know what that feels like? Let’s break it down for you.

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