Toke Makinwa is the only celebrity okay scratch that, she’s one of the few Nigerian celebrities that we can count on for beauty regimens, hairstyles and over all fashion tips and inspiration.

So since we always talk about how great Toke Makinwa’s fashion sense is, we are shifting base instead by taking you on a hair journey, this is Toke Makinwa’s one year hair goal just for you. Here’s why we love Toke Makinwa’s #hairgoals

1. The Time she looked at her hair and said “you know what, I want curls where ma bendy rollers at” and of cause she killed it.



2. When she made us love black hair again with this Peruvian curls weave.

11810004_1676851402545459_1128297878_n (1)

3. And then she just simply nailed it with this brown look and we were like okay take the back seat black weave, we into brown now.


4. The time she made us question whether we preferred straight or curly hair because she simply slayed this bohemian hairstyle.


5. And then she hit us with the blond bob look and we were like OMG! hello hairdresser of life you have work to do.


6. When she gave us braid goals.


7. And the time she made us fall in love with ombre bob.


8. Here when she totally slayed the pixie cut look that made us swoon.


9. When she looked some all shades of gorgeous in this teal (green and black ombre) weave.


10. When she tried out wimpsy bangs and totally nailed it


11. When she successfully puled off the perfect triple ombre look that got us super excited.


12. When she made long straight slightly middle part hairstyle look flawless.


What do you think about Tokstars hairstyles? Love or Hate?