Mankind has unfortunately managed to “unlearn” many wise ancestral teachings, one of them being the benefits of walking. We crib every time we need to walk even a few metres and look at barefeet walking as a health hazard. We need to look at walking as a way of life rather than a form of exercise, to be able to rid ourselves of all the lifestyle diseases that we have brought onto ourselves.

Small changes in everyday life, like avoiding the lift, walking to the store, taking the public transport can mean fewer visits to the doctor. Walking is not just healthier, it is also one of the most easily accessible way to maintain health and improve your brain-body connection.


For most of us the most simple and easy way to start and “stick” to a fitness routine has always been to start walking. It is the most natural thing known to man and doesn’t require fancy equipment. A pair of comfortable shoes (bare-feet is even better) is all you need to get started. We have known the benefits all along but this data will reinforce your beliefs even further.



Walking is a great way to exercise, especially if you have weak joints or any lower body pain. The number of calories you can burn per walk depends on the speed at which you’re walking. Running is a more rigorous form of exercise, it can rapidly increase heart rate and burn fat better as compared to walking.



Belly fat can be dangerous for your health; individuals with upper-body (central) obesity i.e., fat accumulation in the subcutaneous abdominal and visceral depots are prone to metabolic and cardiovascular complications, especially when there is excess fat in the visceral area.



If you want to reach your fitness goals, it’s time to check on your walking schedule. Also, let’s focus on your walking technique. Do you jerk when you walk, or swing your arms too much? Although these might seem like minor things, the effects can result in walking injuries.



One interesting form of meditation that deviates from the old and traditional concept is walking meditation. Walking meditation is a lot different from other forms of meditation known to many. For one, you will not have to be physically inactive just to do it. In fact, you need to move and be active – you need to walk!



Studies have shown that taking a walk after meals, especially after dinner, can help lower blood sugar and triglyceride levels. In addition, it improves digestion; burns calories and can help you lose weight.



Whether you walk or you jog, the first thing you need is to pat yourself on your back for keeping your body moving. People have debated long enough on whether brisk walking or light jogging is better at calorie burning. Compared side by side for the same duration and the same distance covered, and without any deviation from standard intensity, joggers will always fare better than walkers in the calorie-shedding department.



o be in nature, is a great way to start your morning as well as end your evening. Early morning walk and bright sun has numerous health benefits, fresh oxygen in the air is natural way to regaining a calm mind to begin our day filled with freshness. It relieves stress, generating an overall happy feeling. Earthing can also boost the immune system, combat inflammation, reduce stress hormones and improve blood pressure.



Walking energizes you, awakens you and stills your mind to fully relax. With the change of mind your moods change and you experience a physical and a spiritual upliftment. As you relax, your perception changes and you reach from the everyday conscious mind to your highest level of mind – the intuitive mind.



You know those days where everything just seems lackluster? The easiest fix for that is walking. Reset your focus and look forward to walking away your gloom. On a walk, you can relax your mind and let it wander and just take in the beauty of the scenery.



Unfortunately we protect our feet so much from the world we live in that our feet provide very little information to our brains and you may feel more “unstable” without supportive shoes on. The use of orthotics has skyrocketed, but unless you were born with a malformation, you probably developed your foot problems over time. Babies clothed in the newest Nikes or other popular brand are definitely cute but at that early age in life, shoes already start to alter the receptors in the feet and alter biomechanics like your stride or gait.


.: CureJoy


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