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Why You Should Never Chew Gum Before S*x And 5 Other Libido Torpedoes to Avoid



Think it’s a good idea to freshen up your breath with some gum before getting it on? Think twice. Science says that chewing gum prior to s*x will affect your bedroom life in a negative way.

See, the act of chewing without swallowing can lead to bloating as you take in air. Your belly thinks there’s food coming and will release stomach enzymes used to digest food, which can lead to gastric problems… a.k.a. gas. That means while your mouth will smell minty fresh and clean, you may be prone to emitting other smells during the throwdown. So just brush your teeth, bro. But try to use something not so “minty,” because peppermint is also known to repress testosterone, leading to a lower libido.

Oh, and chewing gum is not the only thing you should be avoiding before a sexy sheets session. If your idea of a great date is scarfing down a cheeseburger and chugging a few beers, there’s more bad news for you. > are five other foods you should stay away from before sexy time. Thankfully at least one of them is something you’d probably rather skip anyway…

1. Alcohol
A glass or two might make you less nervous and more comfortable, but too much can cause poor performance in men. For both sexes, it is a depressant and, like gum, can also cause gas problems.

2. Red meat
Eating red meat gives your digestive system extra work to do. This can make you feel lethargic and tired. Not a good mix when you’re trying to get hot and bothered.

3. Broccoli
This brilliant vegetable has all sorts of health benefits, including anti-oxidants. It will also make you stink up a room faster than you could ever imagine.

4. Cheese
Dairy is known to kill s*xual mojo, so the cheese course is best skipped. Cheese can also make you produce more mucus and leave you bloated and gassy.

5. Licorice
Kind of weird, but licorice can undercut your libido. A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine found it can lower the s*x drive in both men and women.

.: Mademen

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