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Why You Should Not Start A New Relationship When You’re BrokeZUMI



It’s dangerous to get into a new relationship when you’re broke. Don’t get upset with us yet, we’ll explain why. There’s a lot of talk about how women should not date broke men. You’ve probably followed the conversations on social media about what salary range a guy must be in before he can even dream of asking a girl out.


However, nobody seems to be talking about the importance of women being financially independent when they’re dating. Financially independent women usually make better choices than broke ones, and this holds true even when choosing a man to date. This is not to say you should make money to compete with your man or even spend on him, but this is to say that you usually choose wisely when you have your own money.

Here’s why you shouldn’t start a new relationship when you’re broke:
1. It makes you vulnerable

If you meet a man who can cater to your financial needs when you’re broke, you’re likely to let him into your world very quickly without doing the necessary checks.

2. It makes you compromise

You’re more likely to reduce your standards and deal with things you shouldn’t deal with if your financial destiny is in a man’s hands.

Fear of settling down


3. It makes it difficult for you to leave a bad relationship

Starting a new relationship when you’re broke means that even if you find out early enough that the man you’re dating is a jerk, it can be difficult to walk out.

We’re not saying you should be a millionaire before you start a new relationship, but if you value your freedom and your peace of mind, it would be better to wait till you’re on solid financial footing before making a final choice.

Do you agree or disagree? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

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