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Sex is an intimate act between you and your partner but this does not mean you have to be secretive about it. Sure, you don’t have to share the nitty-gritty details but you also shouldn’t suffer in silence if you have certain concerns.

It’s important to talk about sex with your close friends. Sharing these experiences with each other can actually offer some benefits. Some of them are:

It normalizes sexual pleasure

The simple fact is that women, especially in this part of the world, have been conditioned by society to not prioritize their own pleasure and desire. However, when you and your friends develop the habit of opening up about your sex-related views and experiences, the concept becomes normalized. Hearing that you’re not the only one with a freaky fantasy, for example, will make you feel less alone and perhaps encourage you to explore in the bedroom.

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You can raise concerns

How exactly will you be able to solve any problem in the bedroom without opening up about it? When you talk about sex with friends, you create a circle of trust and support. You don’t go to them only when you need fashion advice. You can ask for help when something bothers you about your sex life as well. Heck, they can even give you good tips if having an orgasm is a challenge for you.

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It can save your life

Talking about sex also means you have a comfortable place to turn to if you suspect you have an STD. You may be too shy to talk to a doctor and having friends who will encourage you and probably go with you to see a doc could be what you need. So instead of procrastinating an important check-up or treatment, with your friends by your side, you get things sorted quickly. And probably save your life in the process.

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