It’s easier to understand someone’s pain when you are literally wearing their shoes. If you have ever dated a guy who beats his woman then you are definitely sharing this woman’s shoes. On social media, an anonymous young lady from Asaba, in Delta state shared a post saying the man of her dreams is a staunch abuser.

When it comes to domestic violence between intimate partners, most people do not always take it seriously. It’s a matter of life and death, whether it is in a relationship, marriage or cohabitation, violence by a spouse against the other is never a thing to condone. Anyways, this is what the young lady shared on social media.

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“So I have always had this picture of my ideal guy, you know the whole TDH, money bank, basically the perfect gentleman. But haven’t dated quite a few guys. I am doubting if he actually does exist outside the movies.

First there is this guy whose mum was his first lady. Another one who insisted on a threesome with his friend. Then the serial cheat came along, and then one day I have to codedly cover  my nose when I am around.”

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“Finally, I eventually met my “Prince Charming” who had all the qualities but after receiving my first slap from him, on our second date I started wondering  . . .  How long will I keep saying NO! Should I lower my standards and settle for less? Is it me or the guys that have the problems.”

Anonymous, Asaba

If you were in her shoes, what would you do? Would you settle with this guy or continue to wait/search for your dream guy?


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