Weight loss is never too easy, especially in the thigh area. . about the super easy workouts for the legs.

There is a video also below to show you in details how this is done.

It is a combo of target workouts and a good diet. If you are stubborn to lose that fat, follow the regimen precisely.

With 12 Minutes Daily, Get Nice Legs! These Are The Workouts

Mayo Clinic goes in details about the 3 steps of this process.

  1. Lifestyle changes-when we are losing weight, the diet must not have too much fat or dairy. Also, make small changes like stairs instead of elevator.
  2. Strength trainings- to reduce this fat do target leg workouts. More muscles means burning more calories even when resting. Look the video below. It shows side lunges and leg lifts among other things.
  3. Aerobic- Mayo Clinic advises to have some physical activity minimum 30 minutes per day. Start with 12 minutes and increase over time.

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