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Kim Elkins who lives in the North East region of England has been left heartbroken after returning home to catch her husband having sex with her aunt six weeks after getting married.

According to reports, the aunt Lorraine Esslemont who lived with her, had developed an intimate relationship with the husband identified as Kenny.

6 weeks after getting married, woman catches aunt and husband having sex

A woman who caught her aunt in bed with her husband makes a decision to forgive the latter but he disappointed her all over again.



Esslemont who is reportedly her confidant was found naked on her matrimonial bed after she returned home unannounced. Before this, Kim Elkins had suspected something odd in their relationship.

“I was absolutely hysterical. The fact they’d had sex in my marital bed made it so much worse.

“Lorraine told me, ‘We couldn’t help ourselves – we’re in love’. I was so upset Kenny had to restrain me. Lorraine was more like a best mate to me than an auntie because she was only 10 years older than me. I’d even asked her for relationship advice,” a disappointed Elkins says in a report.

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Husband and aunt in love

It was quite difficult to move on from the shock of catching her husband and aunt in bed but Kim Elkins opts to give Kenny a second chance.

After sending the aunt packing, her expectation of a fresh start with her husband quickly came to an end despite an appeal by the latter who earlier asked to be taken back.

6 weeks after getting married, woman catches aunt and husband having sex

A few weeks after burying the hatchet with a husband who cheated on her, he leaves her again for an older aunt.



The couple had decided to get a new apartment where they can start to live as lovers again but that did not last for long. Kenny had left Elkins, to never return to her.

“I tried to ring him but he wouldn’t answer. I was beside myself. I didn’t understand how he could have done this to me a second time,” she says in a report.

It turned out that her husband had fallen in love with the aunt who claims they both could not help themselves.


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