Woman Divorces Husband For Stealing Her Pant For Rituals

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Woman Divorces Husband For Stealing Her Pant For Rituals

A Nigerian woman, identified as Sadia Abass, has divorced her husband over alleged claims that he stole her pant for rituals.

Sadia, who is a trader, had petitioned the Court to dissolve her marriage to her husband, Azeez, on Wednesday at the Mapo Customary Court in Ibadan.

Speaking to the president of the court, Sadia said that she feared that her life might be in perpetual danger if she continued to live under the same roof with a man planning to use her for something diabolic.

Sadia added that her husband’s attitude had made the marriage miserable and unattractive to her.

In her words: “When the ill-treatment reached its peak, I discovered that my underwear suddenly got missing. I checked everywhere but did not see it. He also denied ever seeing it. Three days later, the missing underwear resurfaced where I had checked over and over and I made him realize his evil intention toward me.”

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Sharing his own side of the story, Azeez said: “Only God knows what would have happened or might still happen to me because I have made it clear to him that I will not continue with the relationship. Now and then, she nags and packs in and out of the house.”

The judge, however, concluded that there was no more love between the duo and pronounced the marriage dissolved in the interest of peace and harmony.

The judge added that the mother should be the custodian of their child and the defendant must pay N5,000 monthly for the child’s feeding and also be responsible for his education and basic welfare.

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