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Woman Sexually Assault Short-Sighted Woman Posing As a Man

A 21-year-old woman who allegedly posed as a man called George Parry to get into a sexual relationship with a short-sighted girl 17 times, has been arrested and arraigned in court. Georgia Bilham of Alpraham, Cheshire carried out the plan on the 19-year-old victim over a period of three months.

The suspect who took up the fictitious name of George Parry, used the Snapchat profile name “George_132X” to deceive the teen with an image of a blonde man wearing sunglasses. She fooled the victim into believing they were in a relationship and they began have sex after they met. 

The campaign of abuse spanned from May 2021 until August that same year, when the victim’s mum became suspicious, telling her daughter that she didn’t believe her boyfriend was a man.

Bilham reportedly took the victim’s glasses off whenever they were together because she was short-sighted and wouldn’t be able to see clearly. After meeting multiple times, it’s understood Bilham stayed in clothes and “gave excuses” when the victim tried to touch “him” intimately.

The woman then found a bank card belonging to Bilham who “lied” saying it was used to pay road tax. Bilham made out “George”, who was supposedly from Birmingham with criminal associates, in a bid to make the persona even more believable, argued the prosecution.

At one point the suspect told her victim “on my way back to Brum with Slitta, he picked up kilos and decided to get in a police chase.” Prosecuting officer, Anna Pope said the woman consented to the sexual activity with “George”, not Bilham.

She said; 

“It is a case about this defendant deceiving someone that she was, in a fact, a young man. That other person believed that she was a young man. 

“And that means, we say, that all the sexual activity that took place between those two people, was based on a false pretence – and so did not involve true consent. We say that Georgia knew this – and this was one of the reasons why she never disclosed that she was a woman.”


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