Woman with ‘world’s biggest cheeks’ shares photo taken six years ago to show what she looked like before surgery


A woman who had surgeries to get huge cheeks has shown what she looked like six years ago.


Anastasia Pokreshchuk, a Ukrainian model, looks unrecognisable in throwback pictures taken at the gym.


In her old photos, she has blonde curly locks and a slender bone structure.





Now, the 33-year-old sports pink hair and has huge cheeks after splashing out thousands on plastic surgery.


Anastasia has plumped up her pout with lip fillers and chiselled her cheekbones in a bid to achieve the \”world’s biggest cheeks.\”




She has also gone under the knife to give herself XL curves. She also got lip filler and Botox injected into her forehead.




Fans responded, telling her she looked better before surgery.


However, the influencer who got her first face filler at 26, prefers her cosmetically enhanced looks.



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