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Women in relationships should own sex toys… or not?

Let’s get straight into it. What’s the right stance to have on the use of sex toys both in relationships and in marriages?

For Tinsel actress, Joju Muse, every woman should have at least one, as it reduces the risk of infidelity.

In an interview with QedTV on Wednesday, the 30-year-old says: “I think every woman should have it. It saves you from promiscuity. It helps your marriage and relationships because it is not every time your guy has the manpower or the output, so you just have to help yourself one way or the other. And, to an extent, it doesn’t make you go sleeping around.”

April Joju Muse [Credit: QED]

Of course, this comes from a place of personal conviction for the actress, who goes further to confirm that that is one of the things that keeps her grounded in her relationship.

 “It helps me maintain my relationship between my quy and I, so I don’t really have to go anywhere and I don’t really have to be everywhere like that. So you just chill and respect your orgasm.”

Here’s what I think about that

While there is really no ‘wrong’ or right on issues as this, I stand with this opinion. Sex toys are helpful, they provide a needed twist to what may otherwise be boring, monotonous vanilla sex. And considering the repeated complaints women have concerning sexual dissatisfaction, it may actually be quite necessary and no one should begrudge women [or anyone for that matter] who chooses to introduce this to their sex life with their partner.

All that should matter is that you are having safe, healthy and consensual ex. [Credit: Pinterest]

Elements of traditional relationships are being put aside in favour of what partners find pleasing, acceptable and the things that align with their personal beliefs.

As that is exactly how it should really be.

Every couple has a choice to decide the rules that should apply in their relationship and what should be kicked out in aspects such as their finances, bearing responsibilities and even sex.

When a couple communicates regularly, they ten to understand each other better, and how to please each other to the max. [Credit:]

Even for married people, sex toys get a yes from me

As I have previously written on the subject here,

“I’m of the opinion that sex toys are just like every other good thing ever made. If misused, they’ll be of negative influence but that does not take away the essence of their creation.

“When used right and in agreement with your partner, sex toys do your sex life a whole world of good and will hardly do you or your marriage any harm.”

I honestly think there’s no lie in this statement.




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