According to a recent poll, two-thirds of women wear the wrong bra size. And surprisingly, of those, almost a third purchased their bras knowing it wasn’t the right fit. While some may have bought it either because they loved the shape, colour,or the seller convinced them it was the right one for them, many go shopping for bras without even knowing what to look out for or how to select the right size of bra, that will perfectly fit them.

So here are some rules to guide you when next you go shopping for bras.

Know Your Measurements

This is basically the first step to buying a bra. Imagine going to make a dress and after describing what you want to the seamstress and she doesn’t take down your measurement and asks you to leave as she already knows your measurement by merely looking at you. I am sure you wouldn’t leave your material with such designer. This is the same thing when you go shopping for bras without knowing your measurement.

Thus, the first thing a woman should do before buying a bra is get fitted, which entails getting measured directly under the bust and across the fullest part of the bust. Also have in mind that getting fitted is not a one time thing because your body weight changes, your bra size will too. So a time to time “bra checkup” is recommended.

The Bra Should Fit Firmly Around Your Frame

Women often associate looseness with comfort, but bras should always have a snug fit. If your bra is too loose, it will shift up the back and cause every component that’s supposed to provide support to be unstable. So your bra should be tight enough that you can fit only two fingers under the band. The back of the bra should be level with or lower than the front, so that it will be stable as you move throughout.

Your cups should be front and center

When you are looking in the mirror, your bra should lift and center your bust midway between your shoulders and elbows, and your breasts should stay within your body’s frame. There should also be one inch of definition between your breasts.

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Pay attention to the seam

A structured cup with a seam gives a nice lift, as well as the best shape. So a great way to figure out the shape of a bra is to look at the seam. According to a bra expert, a seam that runs across the bra will make the breast look fuller, while a seam that runs up and down will make the breast look more centered.

Make Room For Stretching

Most bras are made of flexible materials, like Lycra and spandex so over time, with normal wear, they will eventually stretch out, thus, bra experts recommend you buy a bra that fits best when it’s latched at the widest possible position, to account for the inevitable give in the fabric. It should be on the last hook, so as the bra stretches, you can tighten it.

Woman putting on brassiere

Wear The right Top When Shopping For Bras

Even though you are shopping for something that you will be wearing under your garments, make sure you have the correct top on when you hit the store, as a loose or high-collared shirt won’t accurately show you how a bra will look. It is advisable to wear a fitted shirt when trying on bras so you can see the different shape effects bras can provide.

shopping for bra

If you have a dress or shirt with a tricky neckline, clingy material or any other exasperating feature that makes it difficult to find the right bra to wear with it, bring the item with you so the experts at the store can help you find a solution.

Go For Greater Quantity And Quality Bras

The more bras you have, and the better quality they are, the less often you’ll have to replace them. Although it will cost you more money, you will end up saving money in the long run.

Strapless Bras
If you are going for strapless bras, it also needs to fit firmly around the body, but because you don’t have the support of the straps, you may need to go up a cup size so it doesn’t pinch the breasts and create a ridge across the top, According to Nethero , “A good thing to look for is a strapless bra that has latex or a grip strip across the body to hold it in place better, since you don’t have the additional support of the straps.”

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Always Check And Follow Care Tag Instructions

Proper maintenance will will make your bras last longer. Experts recommend you hand or machine wash your bra after two wears. Use a soap that is gentle on Lycra-based material and never put them in the dryer.


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