If you aren’t someone with poetry embedded in your genes or great at spinning love quotes out of thin air, then you need these tips to prepare you for saying your written vows on the altar.
1. Search online for vow samples to get you going.

Look for samples that embody either your intended direction, faith or what you think you want to say. Incorporate the samples into your own original vow piece or allow them be your ignition point. Once you find the ones you like, study the style and writing pattern and create yours.

Wondering How To Write Your Own wedding Vows? Read These Tips First.

(Wedding & Marriage Vows)

2. Decide the tone of the vows.

Choose if you want your vows to be poetic, funny or romantic. What will your significant other like based on personality and your love language.

3. Write down why you love and sometimes dislike your partner.

Meditate on your fiancés and write down what you love about him and what gets on your nerves. Dig into what first caught your attention about him.

Wondering How To Write Your Own wedding Vows? Read These Tips First.


Here are questions to help get you started:

Why did you say yes?
What hard times have you gone through together?
What struggles have you shared?
What challenges do you envision?
What do you want to accomplish together?
What makes your relationship tick?

4. Detail a list of true promised.

The reason for vows is so you can make promises that will get your relationship going-Like a foundation of intended mission. So write down your promises to him as his woman.

5. Avoid the predictable lines.

You can borrow from existing pieces but you need to ensure that you edit it into your own tone, style and overall language. No clichés. Tell your own story because it’s supposed to be about you two.

And don’t forget to give us a shout out in the vows, we wont mind.

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