Over the last 26 months, there’s been joy, sadness and surprise for Danesha Couch, a 20-year-old woman who lives in Kansas City, Kansas.

She’s delivered three sets of twins in a little over two years and it’s obvious that Danesha Couch has her hands full when you see her with two-year-old Danarius and one-year-olds Delilah and Davina. “Three babies walking within a couple of months,” said Couch.

The young mother delivered two boys 26 months ago but lost one of them as a result of complications of premature birth. The surviving twin, Danarius, however is a busy toddler.

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Fourteen months later, she welcomed another set of girl twins Delilah and Davina, now one year old. And last month, June 2016, the latest set of twin girls Dalanie and Darla came along. They just came back home after three weeks in neonatal intensive care.

twins 1 Danesha Couch

According to triple twins mum, she has not undergone any fertility treatments and realizes that some people might consider her ‘a freak of nature’.

Although the possibility of an individual having three sets of twins in a row is approximately 88,000 to one, according to a British study noted by WDAF, Couch’s odds may be much greater than that because she apparently has a condition in which she releases more than one egg per month.

‘So you have two eggs simultaneously coming down the tubes getting ready to be fertilized,‘ Dr. Elizabeth Wickstrom of Shawnee Mission Medical Center told the outlet.

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Couch’s twins are all fraternal, meaning they are from two separate eggs being fertilized, not from an egg splitting. Additionally, Wickstrom said that African-Americans are more likely to have multiple multiples.

twins Danesha Couch

Asked why she got pregnant again after having two sets of twins, Couch replied, ‘I love babies.’ She said she only regrets that they were timed so closely together. ‘I’m always picking something up, picking food up, changing a diaper,’ she told Inside Edition, adding that she goes through three dozen diapers a day.

Danesha Couch is engaged to the father of the second and third set of twins, Jeffrey Presler, an aquarium technician who also works at Gas-mart USA, according to his . profile, and they are planning their wedding for September.

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Couch, a former employee at Minitmart, has been forced to abandon her job to become a full time mother and is receiving help to care from the babies from a family nearby.

TWINS 2 Danesha Couch

Couch and her fiance don’t plan on having any more children right away. ‘I love babies but maybe in 10 to 15 years, when these ones are big enough to help,’ she said.

Meanwhile she said she applied for state benefits but was turned down, so she started a GoFundMe page. ‘I have tried to sign up for benefits and got denied … I try best I can as a mother but sometimes I need help and honestly I’m not too proud to ask,’ she wrote.


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