Work Makeup Look In 10 Minutes! This Chizi Duru Tutorial Is All You Need!ZUMI


A work makeup look has a few things that are constant. It’s fast, easy and involves the least amount of products.

Now, there are certain elements that make makeup look great like your foundation and neat brows. And with a work makeup look, you only need a few products to make sure you maximise your time.  So when we saw this 10-minute makeup from New York-based beauty, fashion & travel vlogger Chizi Duru, we knew we had to share.

Here are the essentials;

Primer: A great primer blurs fine lines and pores on the face to help with a smoother application. Also, they help the makeup last all day.

Work Makeup Look In 10 Minutes! This Chizi Duru Tutorial Is All You Need!

(Photo: YouTube via Chizi Duru)

Foundation: Here you can use the bare minimum. Applying a little foundation will ensure dark spots or any imperfections are covered. Blend it out with a beauty blender, stippling/foundation brush or even your clean fingers.

Eyebrows: Take an eyebrow brush and brush your eyebrows in place and then fill in with either eyebrow powder or pencil. The key to quickening this is to aim for bald spots or areas where you lack hair. When you’re done, use your concealer to wipe off any mistakes you may have made and blend out the concealer.

Highlight: While you have your concealer out, let’s highlight. Put some light concealer on your cheeks, forehead, the bridge of your nose, cupids bow and chin. When you’re done, blend them out with a beauty blender or brush. This helps you look alert and awake during the day.

Work Makeup Look In 10 Minutes! This Chizi Duru Tutorial Is All You Need!

(Photo: YouTube via Chizi Duru)

Contour: Take your favourite contour product and draw contour lines right beneath your cheekbones (starting from the ear), along with your hairline and both sides of the highlighted bridge of your nose. Blend this out with your beauty blender.

Powder: Take some loose powder and use that to set your whole face so your makeup doesn’t drip or move around during the day.

Mascara: Apply some mascara to your top and bottom lashes to complete your eye look.

Lip gloss: Pick a nice lush colour for your lips. You can get creative here, but for this simple look, we suggest keeping it simple with a pink tinted gloss or lipstick.

Watch Chizi Duru achieve a flawless 10-minute look and try out some work outfits you could steal!

Stuck? Here’s another look by Jackie Aina you might want to try!

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