Yaya Mayweather Clowned On Twitter Over Low-Budget Baby Shower

Yaya Mayweather Clowned On Twitter Over Low-Budget Baby Shower

Yaya Mayweather Trolled After NBA Youngboy Didn’t Attend Her Baby Shower
On Thursday, Floyd Mayweather’s daughter Yaya Mayweather, shared clips from her baby shower, celebrating her forthcoming arrival after revealing on Instagram that she and NBA YoungBoy are having a boy.

Yaya shared multiple videos from the larger-than-life party. There was a custom menu, tons of lavish decorations, and more. However, one person was missing, NBA Youngboy, the father of Yaya’s baby.

On Yaya’s Instagram Live, she posed for photos and played games with her loves ones, and while it hasn’t been shared when she’s due to give birth, many have speculated that it will be sooner than later.

Although she had Youngboy’s name plastered everywhere, suggesting that he helped plan the baby shower by writing “Iyanna & Kentrell’s Baby Shower 2020” at the top of the menu, many fans are pointing out that, in all of the photos and videos posted to social media, NBA Youngboy was nowhere to be found.

Folks on Twitter trolled her for having a low budget baby shower after mocking other girls for buying fake birkin bags. Some trolls even urged her to reconcile with her father as it seems he wasn’t the one who sponsored the event.

Others pointed out that Yaya nearly went to jail for the rest of her life for stabbing one of his other baby’s mothers, Youngboy can’t even bother to show up at their baby shower.

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