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Yemi Alade Returns With Two New Singles ‘Oga’ And ‘Open, Close’

For reasons we don’t understand, Nigerians stay sleeping on Yemi Alade. Nevertheless, she remains one of the most hardworking musicians of our time.

In some of her 2018 singles, Yemi Alade explored a new sound, something we thoroughly enjoyed in her best single yet, “How I Feel”. She also took that sound to the next level in the infectious, “Oh My Gosh”. Now, she is infusing the old and new in her latest singles, “Oga” and “Open, Close”.

Expectedly, both songs are catchy with almost pointless lyrics. Nothwithstanding, she shows off her vocal range in “Oga” – something we would love to see more of in coming singles. On the laidback “Open, Close”, her voice takes a back seat, letting the mindless adlibs and Edgar-produced beat shine through.

Now that Yemi is exploring something different from her usual “Mama Africa” sound, perhaps this will usher in a new era for her. At any rate, if this means more impressive songs like “How I Feel”, count us in on this!

Listen to “Oga” and “Open, Close” below:









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