Yetunde Bustline
Events and Media consultant and ex-wife to actor Baba Tee Yetunde Oduwole popularly called Yetunde Bustline has spoken on her lifestyle after the messy divorce in her first marriage, placing companionship above marriage.
In a recent chat with City people, the London based Yetunde Bustline disclosed that she may be giving marriage another chance but is currently living her best life and staying happy.
“I have gone through a lot in my life, there was a turning point for me, I stopped listening to people, so just do your own, life is too short. I want to die a happy person, don’t listen to the noise in the market, just do your own and be happy. I am at the stage of doing me, living my life to the fullest. Like my mother would always say, ah won’t you remarry, you are not getting younger but do you know what? There is Time and Season for everything, marriage is not happiness at least I have got experience in marriage”, Yetunde Bustline reportedly told City people.
Going deeper, Yetunde Bustline noted that marriage doesn’t guarantee happiness and though she is dating, she is waiting on God to lead it to marriage and if not, she is not so keen on it.
“Marriage is not a guaranty to happiness, the only thing that can give you happiness is You, and that is why I am happy and glowing today, my kids are in the university. Life is just beautiful. Don’t get me wrong, I have not ruled out marriage, but it is God’s timing, I am a bit spiritual these days, anything I do is in God’s hands, so I just tell God please have your way. People would say go and marry, is a husband that easy to get? Will I just go to a street and pick a man. My mum would say, there are divorces and widowers out there. Did they inscribe it on their forehead, so it is difficult, the only thing you can do is to hand it over to God and say God please have your way.”
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“Like I said, it is not all about marriage for me, but it is about me achieving what I desire to achieve in life. It is not a man that would make me happy in life. Even if I decide to marry tomorrow. It is not because I want to be happy but it would be for partnership and companionship. It would get to a point in life that sex would not be anything to me anymore. It would now just be for friendship so I am in a stage of God have your way and it is not like I am not dating, I am dating, but we are not forceful about marriage. If it comes fine, if it doesn’t, it is okay. Companionship is sometimes better than marriage”, Yetunde Bustline concluded.
Yetunde Bustline
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