Home News Yewande Adekoya blasts colleague, Jigan, over husband’s infidelity

Yewande Adekoya blasts colleague, Jigan, over husband’s infidelity


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Actress Yewande Adekoya has unleashed her anger on her colleague, Jigan Babaoja, who is also a friend of her husband.

Nollywood actor, Jigan, had taken to Yewande’s comment section to celebrate her daughter’s birthday and Yewande wasn’t having it.

She told the actor to leave her page since he wants to act like everything is fine. She blasted the actor further when he said he doesn’t know what he has done.

Yewande said Jigan watched her husband have several affairs knowing he has a family at home. She even claimed that Jigan and her husband are presently together in Ibadan.

In a lengthy reply to Jigan’s comment, she wrote in the comment section, “Don’t tell me you don’t know anything. You knew he was having problems at home. You knew he left home. You knew he was losing grip of himself.

“You knew he was going deeper and deeper into his toxic habits and you kept indulging him and believing in his delusional reason for going gaga.

“You know that he has issues with self-reflecting. You know he is usually unable to help himself or solve his own problems but can help others solve their own.

“You know all his weaknesses. Biodun can see and help other people with their problems if he is in the right frame of mind but he can’t help himself.

“He has been unable to experience genuine growth as a person, he needs therapy. He is always making serious mistakes in his life. Instead of helping your friend and brother. You kept indulging him because you like the more toxic version of him better.

“If you really loved your friend you would have helped him with how he is managing his profile right now. He is doing badly with that and you all are watching him make a fool of himself.

“You guys are together in Ibadan at the moment and you let your friend mismanage his life like this. I shake my head. Keep believing all the lies instead of finding out the truth. I don’t care what anybody thinks anymore.”

Yewande had begged her fans in the early hours after the news of the affair broke, to take things easy on her husband even as they try to sort their differences.

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