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Yhemolee accused of snitching on Lagos Big Boy Dosh Lowkee to Interpol

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Nigerian socialite, Yhemolee has been accused of implicating singer Lil Frosh and his friends, adding that he is responsible for the arrest of Lagos Big Boy, Dosh Lowkee by Interpol.

According to reports, Yhemolee decided to expose Dosh Lowkee’s fraudulent activities to the relevant authorities because of a disagreement with the latter and his friends, and last night, Interpol arrested Dosh Lowkee and some of his friends on charges of fraud and are allegedly expected to be handed over to the U.S. for further investigations and prosecution.

According to multiple sources, Lil Frosh’s best friend and Lagos Big Boy, Dosh Lowkee had invited him to Yhemolee’s party on the 26th of November, 2023 at Ilashe, Lagos, where Dosh Lowkee had paid for the VIP ticket worth $5000.

It was reported that Lil Frosh didn’t greet Yhemolee due to their previous disagreement when Yhemolee had accused him of assaulting his now ex-girlfriend, Gift in 2020, which led to Yhemolee allegedly slapping Lil Frosh for not greeting him at his party.

The next day, Dosh Lowkee and his friends who felt that Yhemolee’s actions were rude advised Lil Frosh to accuse Yhemolee of assaulting and threatening him at the party.

However, Yhemolee denied the accusations in a press release, adding that Lil Frosh was disrespectful to him even though he and his friends were not invited to the party. So, Dosh Lowkee and his friends slapped Yhemolee back at a nightclub.

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