YK Osiris Catches Heat For Saying “People Don’t Know Drake Or [Lil] Wayne” Around The World

Clubhouse is the new social media hub on the block, and for users that have been granted entry into the app, they’ll find commentary by not only industry professionals, but artists themselves. It’s common to come across rooms where rappers and singers engage in debates about the music industry, influencers, and impactful artists, but recent comments made by YK Osiris have given some rap fans pause.

Drake, Lil Wayne, YK Osiris, Clubhouse

Bruce Yeung / Contributor / Getty Images

A screen-recorded snippet of the R&B singer’s remarks surfaced on Twitter and it seems that he had a bit to say about Drake and Lil Wayne’s global impact, as compared to late music icon Michael Jackson. “A lot of people don’t know Drake or Wayne, I promise you that,” YK Osiris is heard saying to other Clubhouse members. People on the panel passionately disagreed, joking that someone could “go to Mars” and still, the two rappers would be known. “My brother, a lot of people don’t [know them],” Osiris replied.

The panel began speaking over one another as Osiris claimed that his objectors weren’t correct. “You can do that with Michael Jackson,” he stated about the panel’s arguments. “Some people don’t know [Drake and Wayne], I’m telling you that.” YK Osiris added that to their circle, Drake and Weezy are two of the most influential and recognizable figures in music, but not in other parts of the world.

Check out the audio below and let us know which side you agree with. Also, make sure to read our article about Clubhouse: “What Is Clubhouse? Everything You Need To Know About The New & Exclusive Social Media App.”

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