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Yoruba Kings Not United, Oduduwa Republic Not Achievable – Oluwo Of Iwo



The Oluwo of Iwo, Oba Abdulrasheed Adewale Akanbi has called for unity among the Yoruba monarchs to push forward a common agenda.

There have been some agitations from some Yorubas championed by activist, Sunday Igboho for the South-West to unite and form Oduduwa Republic. According to him, the monarchs should find a common purpose and unite to bring progress to Nigeria as a whole.

He had a chat with Vnaguard news, where he expressed his views on the Oduduwa republic and other matters.

He said: My take is that there should be devolution of powers; the center has to be weak, and the states given more responsibilities. State Police should be allowed. With the Federal Government controlling the Police, the governors don’t have any power over the police in their states. I am also advocating for some constitutional power to be given to the traditional rulers, we need it. I am the first Chief Security Officer of this land, nobody knows this land more than I do. The Police Area Commander or the DPO here is posted from somewhere else, they are not from Iwo, how can he know Iwo more than me, I am the one who knows Iwo because it is my domain.


What makes Nigeria great and what makes this country to be singled out as the hope of the black race? I don’t know if you are aware that the black race globally looks forward to this country to provide leadership, how do we then break up? I believe that the way to make it better is to eradicate corruption. We need to enforce a lot more or maybe the leadership in the country should go the way of China. If you steal money in China, it is punishable by death. If the amount of money stolen in Nigeria is stolen in Britain, there won’t be Britain anymore, but this country is so strong. There is strength in our diversity and unity is our strength.


. Yoruba Kings Not United, Oduduwa Republic Not Achievable – Oluwo Of Iwo Follow GhGossip.

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