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You are liable to have sex with your opposite gender if these things occur between you both

You are liable to have sex with your opposite gender if these things occur between you both\"\"

You have probably known this guy for many years and developed deep feelings for him. It’s like the world is a perfect place when he’s around and you think about him day and night. But keep in mind that these are just your feelings.

In order to begin a relationship with him, you have to be sure of his feelings as well. There will be signs that he secretly likes you as more than a friend.

1. He knows you inside and out
A normal friend will know you, sure. But a friend who genuinely likes you will make efforts to know you inside and out. He will know all your pet peeves and will ask you about your life details and will remember them too! This is the first sign that he wants more than friendship.

He will take a keen interest in both your professional and private life. You will special when he approaches you and wants to know more about your past, present and future.

If he truly wishes to develop a relationship with you, then he will try to understand you as a person. He will even love the things you consider flaws and will not want a casual relationship. This is a sign that he secretly likes you.

2. He loves hanging out with you
The guy will probably do all in his power to ensure that you both get to spend maximum quality time together. He will always be the one who will make plans to go out with you (and only you), even if you both have other mutual friends. He’s always suggesting activities that only involve the two of you and constantly looking for ways to spend time with you. You might have gone out to the movies and he might try to stretch out your time together by suggesting you grab some ice cream or a drink.

Even if he is busy, he will take out his time for you, because he genuinely enjoys your presence around him
3. He exhibits the signs of jealousy that doesn’t happen in a casual relationship
Whenever you seem interested in any other guy or are planning to go on a date with someone, he will try to dissuade you from going and show hints of jealousy. In addition, he might be protective of you when other men try to flirt with you. He wants you to be his girl and doesn’t just want a casual relationship. He won’t be happy at the prospect of you being with someone else. Putting on a happy face will be hard for him but as your friend, he will try his best.

4. Your family and friends adore him
The rapport he shares with your family and other friends is excellent. Your family adores him more than you because he has made an effort to win their hearts. This is an absolute sign he wants more than friendship.

He makes it a point to spend time with the people who are closest to you so that he can give you an indication that they matter to him as well. This is definitely one of the signs a friend likes you romantically.
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5. In addition, he loves it when you hang out with his family and friends
You will notice that he will always invite you to his family gatherings and outings with friends. He does this so that you can get acquainted with the people who matter to him. On the other hand, whenever you take the initiative to hang out with his family or his bunch of friends, he appreciates it to no end. He looks at you as a long term partner and does not want just a casual relationship with you. If he did, he wouldn’t be involving you with the people closest to his heart.

6. You have meaningful conversations with him
While you have your fair share of inside jokes and fun conversations, some conversations with him hit on a deeper level. You both are able to share your thoughts with each other frankly and probably talk about things that you don’t share with anyone else. He respects your opinions and is always ready to give you advice on important matters. You both understand each other well and it is not a casual relationship anymore as you share an intimate friendship.

7. He shows physical signs of romantic interest
You find him looking at you from the corner of his eye with an air of admiration. He makes direct eye contact with you, leans in towards you while talking to you. You might even end up holding hands or with one of you resting their head on the other’s shoulder. He wants more than your friends and hence shows these physical signs of romantic interest. This is a sign he wants you to notice him.

8. Makes an effort to transform himself
He tries to make a thoughtful change in his habits that you have been complaining about. You will find him implementing your suggestions and advice in his life. This is a sign he secretly loves you.

Remember, it’s difficult for people to change their habits. Especially at someone else’s behest. But if your friend is showing a willingness to do so at your request, then he definitely likes you and wants you more than a friend.

9. He celebrates your special days with much enthusiasm
Instead of just calling you and wishing you on your birthday like normal friends do, he will go an extra mile. He will make elaborate arrangements to make your day special. Not only will he show such enthusiasm on your birthday, but on any memorable day of your life, because your special days matter to him as well. His surprises and efforts always bring you immense joy and happiness.

10. He rarely shows interest in other girls, especially when you’re around
He wants you to know that he’s available for you whenever you’re ready to have him. Even if he has flings with other girls he might not share the details with you. He wants you to know he’s loyal towards you. This is an absolute sign he wants more than your friendship and secretly likes you.

11. He’s active on social media
He’s always commenting on your posts with either compliments or witty remarks. By visiting your social media profiles often he will try to stay updated on what’s happening in your life. He’ll be the first one to like your posts and mention you in comments. You’ll always find him sending you memes that he thinks will make you laugh or go awww.

12. It becomes his priority to keep you safe
To a certain extent, most male friends make an effort to keep their female friends safe. But he’s not just a regular friend, is he? You know he wants more than your friendship.

if your friend goes out of his way to keep you safe and is always concerned for you, then he probably wants more than your friendship. He won’t become possessive and overprotective and will still give you personal space. However, he will always be there for you and make sure you don’t get stuck in dangerous situations. He will offer to drop you to places even if he isn’t with you just to make sure you stay safe. This shows he isn’t casual about the friendship.

13. He shows interest in the activities that you like
You both are friends in the first place because you both have things in common. But if your friend is trying hard to show interest in the activities that you prefer to do and like, then this is a sign of romantic interest. He picks up activities that you like and engages in conversation with you about them. He’s constantly trying to learn more about the things that matter to you. This becomes his way of letting you know that your wavelengths match and you both are meant for one another. He definitely wants more than your friendship.

14. Complimenting you comes naturally to him
Unlike most of your other friends, complimenting you comes naturally to him. This is because he genuinely notices every change in you and gives you his honest opinion. He knows exactly how to make you happy with his compliments and wants you to know that wants more than your friendship. You will find him noticing and appreciating even the slightest change you make in your appearance.

15. Your efforts to make him happy are appreciated by him
Any effort that you put in to develop your friendship with him and take it to the next level makes him feel extremely happy. He will always appreciate you for your efforts. Even if it is something small like calling him back when you are free or taking out time to visit him, he will be grateful to you. These gestures mean a lot to him and he makes this clear to you. What he really means is that he wants more than your friendship.
16. He loves surprising you with gifts
Friends exchange gifts with each other only when there is a special occasion. But if he loves surprising you with gifts often, then it’s a sign he likes you more than a friend. He wants you to have everything you desire and loves pampering you and making you happy.

17. You can count on him without a doubt
He’s so reliable that whenever you’re caught up in a difficult situation, he’s the first person you think of. This is because he’s always been there for you in the past and has lent you a helping hand.
You can always call him and vent your frustrations away, as he is there to listen to your complains. If you ever need company for anything, then he will always be ready to accompany you.

When a man is able to uphold your trust and confidence, it means he is the right guy for you.
18. He talks to you in a different tone of voice
The tone he uses while talking to you and while talking to his other friends is quite different. When he talks to you, he becomes more conscious of his voice tone. His tone is gentler, more sensual and romantic so that you get the idea that you are different from the crowd. You’re important to him and more than just a friend.

19. People around you notice his interest in you
Perhaps you are so involved in maintaining the friendship that you don’t figure out that he is romantically interested in you. But other people do. They might start teasing you or asking you if you’re seeing each other. If people around the two of you, especially your family and close friends/colleagues, give you the indication that your friend likes you, there could be some truth to it. Someone outside the friendship you share with him will be better equipped to notice his feelings towards you.

20. You get a strong feeling that he likes you
As a woman, your intuitive power is very strong. Thus, you will notice a change in his behaviour towards you. A part of you will know he wants to be more than friends with you. Trust your gut feeling, it’s almost always right. It’s right to not want to assume his feelings and complicate your friendship. But if you notice him showing the signs above and you have an intuition he likes you, then he probably does. When you realise this, don’t be afraid to confront him.

Once you observe your friend portraying these signs, you have to decide how to take things forward. Before you decide to start a romantic relationship with him, make sure you are ready to make a serious commitment. He clearly wants more than a casual relationship and it’s important that your wavelengths match. Do not get into the relationship if you are unsure about your feelings, as it will end up ruining your friendship with him as well. So think about this situation carefully before you take the plunge into a romantic relationship.

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