You Don’t Know Real Gold, Yet You Wanna Make Noise

Controversial crossdresser and beauty entrepreneur, Bobrisky has reacted to a comment by an Internet troll that he wears only fake gold and jewelleries.


In a recent picture shared to her Instagram page, the Nigerian Barbie stated that some people who have never seen true gold, always want to advise those who wear them which ones are authentic are not.

She also explained that she does not wear fake gold, neither does she wear cheap jewelleries.

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Bobrisky wrote, “Some of you use to embarrass ur whole generation in my comment section sometimes. You don’t know real gold yet you wanna make noise. Everything am wearing in dis pic are all pure gold. Screen shot and show people selling gold. I don’t wear steel or Costume. Their level of money you will make you won’t dare to wear fake.”

Photo Credit: Instagram