You Kept Quiet And Watched The World Tear Me To Shred

Adult star and Nollywood actress Cossy Ojiakor has taken to her Instagram to speak about the late popular Nollywood filmaker, Chico Ejiro she writes that she was amazed at why Chico Ejiro kept quiet and didn’t come to her rescue during the “sex with dog scandal” that rocked her late and the early part of this year. Cossy Orijakor and Chico EjiroREAD ALSO: Popular Nigerian Filmmaker Chico Ejiro Is Dead
Cossy Ojiakor who wrote on her page that she used to like the filmmaker a lot but still doesn’t understand why he kept quiet and watched the world tear her to shreds during her sex with dog scandal when he could simply have come out clear the air that it was just a movie.

Cossy disclosed that Ejiro’s silence killed her and further reiterated that it was a Nollywood movie and not a porn movie. She also recalled how Chico Ejiro’s wife allegedly slapped her on set of the sex with dog movie.

Cossy Ojiakor wrote;

Mr Chico Ejiro…. I remember years back. You use to like me…… I don’t say no to people. I only give conditions …..what changed ? What made you keep quite and watch the world tear me to shreds…. during that mighty scandal you kept quite….. I kept wondering why….I left the industry in shame still trying to figure out where I got it wrong….. your silence killed me. I was mocked. And still mocked. just a simple yes that sex with dog story is part of a nollywood movie and not porn… would have preserved my sweet nature. Ohhh I remember your wife slapped me on that sex with dog set…. back then my teeth never sharp . Rest In Peace dear. Your part of my history and also My birthday mate.

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