”You need to upgrade” – Man mocks Rita Dominic for using an iPhone 6

It is often common to see celebrities being trolled by their fans for flimsy reasons. Sometimes, these famous personalities take the full brunt of the negative comments being made by the trolls without so much as saying a word.

Just recently, veteran actress, Rita Dominic was criticised by a troll over her choice of phone. It all began after the actress posted a throwback mirror selfie of herself on Instagram.

Several people commented on . and gave their opinion. An Instagram user with the handle @kingslywayawaya mocked Rita Dominic for using an iPhone 6 to take the photo.

He took to the comment section to write ;

“Your mates dey use iphone 12, you still dey use iphone 6, Aunty you need to upgrade.”

See post below;

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