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You Should Answer These On Your Wedding Website’s FAQ PageZUMI

Your wedding website is important for several reasons, and one of them is that it should have information for your guests. You might spend weeks answering the same questions from different people if you don’t answer them on your wedding website’s FAQ page.

These wedding website FAQs are important:

Where is the venue?

You should include this information with the time the event starts and when it will end. You should specify the venue of the reception too if they’re not at the same place. Specify if the ceremony is indoors or outdoors so your guests can dress appropriately.

wedding website's FAQ

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What’s the deadline for responding to the RSVP?

If you’re taking RSVPs, then you should let your guests know when you’ll stop putting people on the guest list so they can respond before then. Also include how they should send their response: via mail or online or text.

What is the dress code for your wedding?

The dress code, if you have one, depends totally on you. This includes the mode of dressing (like traditional wear or evening dress) and the colours your guests can wear (or not wear).

wedding website's FAQ

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Are there any places you’d recommend I visit while I’m in town?

Your out-of-town guests will appreciate some pointers on where to visit while they’re there. Make sure to include some places you personally love and some other events like concerts that might be happening around that time too.

Can I bring a plus one?

This is very, very important if you’re trying to keep your wedding guest list small. A simple yes or no will answer this.

wedding website's FAQ

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Can I bring my children?

Some people don’t want kids at their wedding and if you’re one of them, let your guests know!

What type of food will be served?

You can choose not to share the wedding menu, but you should definitely say if you’ll be serving trigger foods like nuts at the wedding in case of allergies. If you have special food needs (like vegetarian or vegan couples), you should let your guests know in case they don’t share your tastes.

wedding website's FAQ

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Do you have a registry for gifts?

You want your guests to give you the things you want and if you have a registry, add a link so that they can know.

Can I take pictures and/or post photos of your wedding on social media?

You might want your pictures to be regulated by your photographer, or you want an intimate ceremony without distractions of phone cameras and social media noise. Let them know whether they should keep their phones outside or if they’re free to snap away.

wedding website's FAQ

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Who can I contact if I have any questions about the wedding?

You should have contact people that can answer calls and messages in case your guests have more questions or inquiries that you have not answered.

You can’t answer these important questions if you don’t have a wedding website, and we think you should definitely consider creating one.






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