Oba Lamidi Adeyemi, the Alaafin of Oyo is known for his love for fair, young and beautiful women and how he keep them all, he has dished out.
In a recent chat with City People, the monarch reveals how he gets his wives, none of which he proposed marriage to.
As against what the public domain thinks that the 82-year-old monarch picks and selects his choice of women, mostly young, Alaafin Oyo revealed that he never proposed marriage to them but they decide to stay with him as wife for the benefits he had rendered to them.
I did not propose to any of my wives. They desired to be with me because I sent them to school. After their university education, I told them to leave but they refused and insisted on staying with me here in the palace as my wives. The least educated of them has a Higher National Diploma and is now in the University”, the Alaafin said.
Speaking on how he maintains and keeps all of  them, Oba Lamidi noted that each of the women have their quarters and he treats everyone confidentially, not revealing the activities or discussion he had with one to another. “I don’t begrudge or offend women. Marriage is an institution that must be defended. Each partner has a role to play in the marriage. My wives have their individual quarters“, he began.
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God has given me some type of ability and grace to keep a woman, especially beautiful women. I don’t disclose my conversations or activities with one wife to another. I maintain a strict code of confidentiality. I have learnt that I must positively make an impact on people and make a great first impression. Of course, they (wives) sometimes have disagreements and conflicts of opinion but I have been ‘graced’ by God to know how to ensure that the conflicts don’t escalate“, he added.
City People reports that the Alaafin’s wives are up to 13.
Alaafin and some of his wives
Alaafin and wives
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