Your breasts won’t be firm forever, don’t deprive your children of breast milk

Actor, Pete Edochie has advised women on how to keep their marriages and also faulted their common belief that their breasts would sag if they breastfeed their children.

Pete Edochie advises women

He made this known in a recent interview he granted showbiz entrepreneur and Nollywood producer, Ada Karl yesterday, September 14.

The interview was themed “staying married in Nollywood”.

According to Pete, no breasts would remain firm forever because they flatten as they age.

Pete Edochie advises women

“Those breast are for your children. Let them flatten it. its not going to be firm forever no. It’s going to drop along the line. Make use of it while you can. You can’t be an actress forever.” he said.

He praised and applauded actresses, Mercy Johnson, Chioma Akpota and Chacha Faani Eke and asked other Nollywood actresses to emulate them for putting their families first before their movie career.

He also advised women to quit listening to gossips. According to him, same woman who tells you she sees your husband cheating is the same woman that will move in with your husband immediately you divorce him.

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