Your Pastors Deserve To Be Rich, Joshua Bamiloye Tells Christians

Joshua Bamiloye, son to popular Christan filmmaker, Mike Bamiloye has argued against the ideology that clergymen need to be poor to remain Christians and pious.

Joshua Bamiloye

Writing on his Twitter page, he argued that Jesus Christ died and was poor so that those who follow and serve him may be rich.

He explained that just as Jesus died, so that others might have life, the same analogy is applicable to riches and wealth.

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Joshua Bamiloye said, “Jesus wasn’t rich, so why should you or your pastors be? You say? Just as Jesus died so I might live, carried my sins so I can be set freed, HE also became poor so We could be rich. Stop dat tin.

“It’s sad that when wealth is mentioned among we Christians, some are quick to fire “that’s not what Jesus died for” at it. We aren’t saying a Jesus died for you to have money, WE’RE SAYING JESUS IS ALSO INTERESTED IN YOU PROSPERING.”

Photo Credit: Twitter