Your Ugliness Will Always Make Tadi guys Demand Money to Date You, KingShakx replies Maame Esi Forson

Popular Tadi based music star king Shakx has reacted to an assertion made by one social media female comedian Maame Esi  Forson who allegedly claims in a quote ‘Most Takoradi guys are opportunist all they want is money ” this is an article which was posted on the 11th July on by

Meanwhile King Shakx who happens to be a reigning fashion champion in Takoradi is not cool at all with the said statement from maame Esi Forson and he goes ahead to respond to the quote saying maame Esi Forson is ugly and he will totally admit any Tadi guy who will by chance meet her will actually be an opppotunist to women like her caliber, Hd confirms Maame Esi Forson is very ugly lady and guys of my caliber  are not  so much into sex as usual , He explains we also seek to go for two things in women beauty  and money which he explain probably a man will look out for money from a woman like maame Esi forson since she doesnt have the quality as expected.

King Shakx condemns Maame Esi forson statement and says maame Esi herself has a very bad records in Takoradi which most of the ghetoe guys have been sleeping with her and as result of the it will be very hardly for a noted Takoradi person to take her seriously for a date unless she has something to offer or has to sponsor the man which is a complete example of the experience she is going through he says.

King Shakx is a recording artiste based in Takoradi and currently has a trending song with the Koti hit maker ayesem dubbed Movement.