Zamfara APC Accuses PDP Of Politicising Gov Matawalle\’s Security Measures


The All Progressives Congress (APC) in Zamfara State has bemoaned that it was distressing to hear someone who was present for the state’s appalling security condition criticize the additional steps taken by Governor Bello Mohammed Matawalle to safeguard people’s lives and property.

According to a news release issued by the APC’s spokesman Yusuf Idris Gusau, on Sunday, July 3, the opposition PDP Secretary in the State, Faruk Ahmed Rijiya’s stupid remarks only serve to highlight the PDP’s callous attitude toward the destruction being caused by bandits.

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The statement read;

Apart from banditry activities, there are other criminals operating in the northwest region and particularly in Zamfara State where criminals have made their hub and killing field of Nigerians.

Faruk’s deliberate failed attempt to truncate the measure via the unlettered brain further exposed and confirmed the APC’s accusations that the opposition PDP which has always been critical of all attempts to subdue the bandits have a hand and will not want the banditry to end.

As it is now, the State PDP Secretary cannot go to his home village of Rijiya which had suffered severely in the hands of the bandits to tell his people not to support the state government because he knows he cannot come back alive from the community’s anger.

It is no longer news that Matawalle has exhausted all available avenues to fight bandits and banditry in Zamfara State, from reconciliation to peace accord, to mobilizing resources and equipment to security agents, to getting more deployment of security personnel to mobilizing neighbouring states and even neighbouring Niger Republic but the menace seemed unabating.

Gusau said Governor Matawalle, had since assumption of duty called on all Zamfara State indigenes from within and outside the state as well as Nigerians and non-Nigerians within and outside the country to help him in finding a lasting solution to the banditry issues bedevilling the state.

Many ideas were deployed to the state, still the problem persisted, so if the PDP especially the Zamfara chapter does not have a workable solution, it should shut up and let the government do the needful to its expecting citizens.

More so, apart from other state governments having set up various security outfits to secure their territories from criminals, Matawalle took time to set up different organs and committees that will ensure that nothing goes out of hand.

While talking about using these security measures put in place to politicize the effort by saying the guards will be used against the opposition in the state, it was only the PDP that put the cart before the horse as nothing of such has been done against anyone in the state where a level playing political ground has since been provided.

The All Progressives Congress (APC) in Zamfara State is hundred percent in support of governor Bello Matawalle’s new measures to end banditry and ensure the success of the policies and programmes so that our rural communities will go back to their villages and sleep with their two eyes closed without having any fear of being attacked.

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