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Zozi Tunzi Stuns In Biji La Maison As She Crowns Miss Universe 2020



Although Miss Mexico, Andrea Meza was crowned Miss Universe 2020, Zozibini Tunzi looked like the night was made for her as she crowned her successor in such graceful manner.

Marking the end of her reign, the former Miss South Africa and Miss Universe strutted down the stage wearing a black and white beaded gown designed by South African designer, Biji– La Maison de Couture.

Photo: Instagram – zozitunzi

The designer posted a short video of Zozi Tunzi backstage on Instagram with the caption: “We couldn’t be prouder than this! @zozitunzi you will be our forever Miss Universe Xhosa Queen.”

The stunning Biji gown featured an Ndebele print-inspired band which ran down the center back and front of the dress, as well as padded shoulders with fully fringed sleeves. Ndebele prints are traditional prints native to the Northern and Southern Ndebele people of South Africa.

Photo: Instagram – official_misssa

Zozibini Tunzi’s look had social media buzzing as she re-defined African royalty. She opted for a traditional South African headwrap instead of the Miss Universe crown as she waved her final goodbye to her adoring fans.

The Official Miss South Africa posted a video to its Instagram account saying: “We SALUTE YOU QUEEN!”

The love and adoration that the Miss Universe contestants felt for Zozibini Tunzi was evident with the way they rallied around her after she handed over the crown.

She may have handed over the Miss Universe crown but Zozi Tunzi will always remain a queen to the world.


Cover photo credit: Instagram – zozitunzi

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