ZUMI X Catwalk With Kaylah – 10 Basic Makeup Products Every Beginner Should Have (A Giveway!)


Ready to step up your makeup game but don’t know how or where to start? We’ve got you covered (and we are doing a giveaway!)

There are so many makeup products to choose from so we understand how overwhelming it can be. “What’s the difference between foundation and concealer?What lipstick shade do i start with”? And more questions are what we imagine going through your head but like we said, you’re about to get started just right.

We’ve rounded up a few makeup products for newbies and they are easy to use too so there’s no fuss and most importantly there’s no wasting money on unnecessary items. We’ve put them to test and we can tell you, you are about to get your game on.

(Moisturizer and) Primer

Primer (NYX Cosmetics)

We assume you have a moisturizer that works for you, so primer it is especially if you have oily skin. Primer simply prepares your face by keeping it matte and ensures makeup lasts for hours on end.


Makeup brushes (Ebay)Mak

These are simply for applying products like the eyeshadow, foundation and powder- for a beginner go for a good set of brushes. Zaron Cosmetics has a compact set here that’s easy to use and very affordable.

Foundation & Concealer

Foundation (Milani Cosmetics)

Get a foundation in your skintone to give you a glow as well as concealer to mask blemishes and dark circles for a flawless finish.


Concealer (Glamour)

Eyeshadow Palette

Eyeshadow Palette (No Pain No Beauty)

As a beginner, getting a palette with an array of colour is both affordable and allows you to choose colours based on preferences. We are giving away a BH Cosmetics 40-Colour eyeshadow palette on @zuminigeria (follow and comment #ZUMIgiveaway NOW)

Eyebrow Pencils

Eyebrow pencil (Aurora)

Because you’re just starting out, it’s best to get an eyeshadow pencil that’s easy to use (save the eyebrow pomade etc for when you’re a pro)


Macara (Ebay)

Mascaras are definitely must haves and are easy to use. They brush out your eyelashes and instantly open up your eyes.


Get a soft lipstick to get started (Mecca)

Pick lipstick in a nude colour that best suits your skintone to instantly get your face popping.



Get a powder in your skintone to help get the skin matte and prepped all day

Eye liner

Eyeliner in black (Milani)

Eye Pencils and eyeliner are also duos to cop especially in black as beginners. The black ones are perfect for opening up the eyes.

Makeup Wipes

Wipes (Simple)

This is a life saver! It literally is the one thing you need to clean up after every mess, think mascara or eyeshadow smudges and to take off your makeup at night. Never sleep with products on your face.

With these products, you’re definitely on your way to getting started with owning your own beauty stash and looking fabulous while saving money!


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