ZUMI X Catwalk With Kaylah: Fast Makeup Tips For Rainy Season


Of course there’s such a thing as makeup tips for rainy season! But you would know this if you intend to stay all round flawless.

The rains are pretty much here so why not get quick makeup tips for the rainy season? The best part is they take few minutes of your time and generally more ‘intentional’ products, catch the drift?

Just like the hair needs attention when it rains, the face needs even more attention because makeup has to be on super fleek! All day every day, no? Imagine a day of heavy rain ruining your otherwise flawless face? Not a chance! We think it’s just right to hand you fast tips to stay flawless this wet season, what do you say?

Wear a primer
Zaron Primer


Now will be a good time to put that primer to good use – we actually don’t use this everyday because the skin really need to breathe underneath the makeup- so if before now just like us, you ditch it for daily use, now is a good time to get back in the groove.

Make sure foundation is waterproof
Zaron Foundation


Now is the time cop a long lasting foundation. One with super staying power aka long wearing (that’s actually long wearing and waterproof and not one with empty promises). It helps for when it drizzles, you don’t want to end up with coloured streaks across your face or stains on your tops do you? Investing in a great foundation around this time rocks!

Mattifying powder is a yes
Zaron Mattifying powder


Mattifying powder is great for absorbing shine and generally setting your face reducing the appearance of pores and all those sound like what you need for a flawless finish and it’s definitely a yes. So let your cream-to-powder and the loose ones rest and bring out the mattifying and compressed ones. This mattifying one from Zaron works a 100%.

Waterproof mascara is key
Zaron Lengthening mascara


The rainy season is the best time to know investing in great quality mascara is key. You don’t want to find out what kind of racoon eyes you’d make when those ‘black tears’ start flowing (yuck). Go for long lasting waterproof mascara that’s lengthening and volumizing.

Makeup tips for rainy season

(Dimma Umeh)

Lip glosses/lip glasses work best this season
Zaron matte lipstain


For a bit of lip action for rainy season opt for lip glosses, lip-stains or lip-glasses. They provide moisture and have a moisturizing feel/finish. Of course there are lipsticks that work just fine too you just have to make sure they deliver on intense moisture and stay on longer.

Get your concealer, highlight and contour/your whole make up kit popping with great quality products! Generally, this season is one to go the extra mile to make sure your products are long lasting and non-comedogenic aka won’t block the pores so you can allow the skin breath as well as stay fabulous!

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