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13 Effective Tips On How To Keep Your Relationship Alive|Lifestyle


Keep Your Relationship Alive Source:

There are many relationships on life support due to ups and downs.

I am sure you might have been wondering how to keep your relationship healthy, free from fear of limitations and so on.

13 Effective Hints On How To Keep Your Relationship Alive


Tell Them You Love Them. Source: LovePanky

  1. Find ways to have eyes contact with them.
  2. Always Share the good news.
  3. Be sincere with your partner.
  4. Always be curious about your partner.
  5. Always sleep naked.
  6. Show appreciation to your partner.
  7. Exchange Three ”love vows” to them.
  8. Try new things to spark up your relationship with them.
  9. Try new sex styles every time.
  10. Take your partner breath away with gifts.
  11. Often try something special for your partner.
  12. Boost the love chemicals.
  13. Try Something Touchy to Flames Your Relationship Alive.

1. Find Ways To Have Eye Contact With Your Partner



Many people in a relationship fail to understand the power of eye contact with the one they love. If you wish to keep that relationship sparkling, make eye contact a priority.

Keeping eye contact greatly spices up relationship since you are able to convey your feelings without words; communicating your love with your eyes alone can always make the emotion grow.

2. Always Share The Good News


Credit: LovePanky

Sharing of good news is an important thing that blossoms your relationship, as it rekindles your emotions for each other and creates a feeling of longing to be together at all times.

To make your relationship become more interesting, you’ve to employ what is called capitalisation. This is presumed as the most important relationship concept.

Basically, capitalisation occurs when loving feelings and affection are strengthened anytime two or more people connect over a shared positive emotion. This is a process of sharing the good news, related to your achievements, successes, and receiving positive feedback.

3. Be Sincere With Your Partner


Relationship. Source: Healthy Way

This is another easy way to bring your partner closer to you, by being simply sincere and emphatic about it.

Tell them in a friendly way about what they don’t do and what they need to do because it is the best way to make relationship lively – when your partner knows you’ve got their back.

Being sincere with your partner is a thrilling way to keep your relationship sparkling but by saying it in a more friendly manner and monitoring the moments – moods, time – to say it out will be a very useful thing to put into consideration.

4. Stay Curious About Them


Relationship. Source: Cross

Staying curious about your partner’s day-to-day activities in a sincere way will make your relationship to be healthier and interesting.

It’s believed that people pay more attention to those that return the favour. Often times, many people become sad in their relationships due to lack of emotional intimacy – when they don’t feel seen or heard. It’s important to give your partner enough time to be heard, to vent.

5. Always Sleep Naked



This is a notch in spicing up your relationship, increasing the level of chemistry you have with your partner, building up the emotional intimacy between you two.

Mastering the act of sleeping unclad with your partner can show you want him or her, and you’re comfortable doing that. Couples that engage in this are way more intimate with one another and have sexual experiences that are more fulfilling and exciting. Although you need not go to bed doing this every night, doing it once in a while unannounced will astonish the both of you if you’re comfortable with it and more engaged with one another.

6. Show Appreciation To Your Partner


Source: LovePanky

This is another simple way of catching your partner’s attention, affection without false intention.

Try to appreciate the things your partner does each day that you’re grateful for. We all know how easier it’s to criticize people when they are wrong. Even if that makes you feel better at that moment, it’s only a ticket to send your partner away from you.

The interesting parts of showing appreciation in any relationship is that it strengthens the bond between partners and makes them feel you stand for them. In order to keep them close, make sure your partner knows what they’re doing is right.

7. Exchange Three “Love Vows” To Them


Have Tolerance:

It will be to your advantage when you can easily figure out what your partner loves most and commit to doing it (of course, as long as it’s something you’re comfortable doing).

By promising each other 25 minutes of foreplay at least once or twice a week. This can go a long way by making sure you’re doing things both of you find pleasures over time instead of letting them fall by the wayside.

Making these promises don’t only have to be a physical one! You can easily make them about emotional needs as well, like reminding each other why you’re grateful for the relationship at least once or twice a week.

8. Try New Things To Spark Up Your Relationship


Credit: LovePanky

This is one of the best things that can rekindle your relationship.

Coming up with an idea and setting up rules for the challenge between you and your partner will not only spark up your relationship but also increase the level of your intimacy and friendliness. For instance, if you’re not irritated you can go into a farting competition, eating, dancing among other things.

9. Try New Sex Styles regularly:



Understand that your partner’s pleasure is your pleasure, and you will want to explore each and everything about what turns him or her on.

Therefore, improve on your sexual intimacy with your partner by trying new things. Change positions while you’re having sex.

10. Take Your Partner’s Breath Away With Gifts


20 Amazing Tips Of a Healthy Relationship

There is a variety of ways you can take your partner’s breath away; ranging from gifts, unexpected visits.

Try a loving note tucked into a pocket, a special dinner aside from the ordinary night, and a playlist made up of favourite songs.

11. Often Do Something Special For Your Partner


Share A Similar Vision

Doing some special things for your partner on a regular basis could increase your thoughtful acts in their memory.

Give a call which is different from just the regular day-to-day to tell your partner you miss him or her for a few minutes. Prepare his or her favourite meal once a week.

12. Boost the Love Chemicals To Keep Your Relationship Alive


Source: Pinterest.

There are many brain chemicals that go into the feeling of love and attachment, according to studies. This is called Oxytocin, which is known as the bonding, trust, and cuddle hormone. Oxytocin can be improved by watching romantic movies together, holding hands, cuddling, loving eye contact, (first hint on our list to spices up your relationship) and (long kissing, which has a lot of other health benefits!).

Obviously, women usually have more oxytocin than men, but a study confirms that a man’s level of oxytocin goes up 500 per cent after making love. That is being too busy to make love drives partners apart.

13. Try Something Touchy to Flame Your Relationship Alive

Taking a balloon trip, going on a roller-coaster ride, going to the cinema together, shooting the rapids-anything with a touch of danger to it-can make your partner find you more exciting and fall more deeply in love with you.

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13 Effective Tips On How To Keep Your Relationship Alive|Lifestyle

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