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5 Affordable Pre-wedding Photo Shoot Locations

If you are thinking of pre-wedding photo shoot locations, then congratulations are in order. Hurray! You are getting married!. Sound it! You are getting married. Instagram must “hear it”. Now, you are probably...

Bridal Style: 3 Beautiful Wedding Theme Ideas

Choosing a wedding theme can be exhausting, especially when it seems everything else is set. Every other Saturday, someone is picking a theme you had in mind. Which means using it...

Choosing Your Wedding Colours: Funke Says These Are The 5 Things To Consider

Choosing your wedding colours probably sounds like an easy task but before you start combining danfo yellow and cockroach brown with Ribena purple, learn these basic tips from  Funke Bucknor Obruthe of...

5 Alternative Wedding Cake Ideas You Should Go For

Are you tired of the regular wedding cake ideas ? We feel you! Your wedding cake should be reflection of you, all inclusive of your lifestyle, look, taste and excitement towards your...

5 Bridesmaids Dress Styles You Can Wear After The Wedding

It’s the season for bridesmaids dress styles you can wear after the wedding.  Gone are the days when brides used to pick very weird bridesmaids dress styles that you can’t rock after...

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