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Small Chops You Can Try For Your Wedding Reception To Make It LitZUMI

1. Chips and dips(Photo: Girl Who Ate Everything)2. Fruit salad3. Taco cupcakes4. Teriyaki meatballs5. Fried chicken fingers(Photo: The Pioneer Woman)6. Buffalo wings7. Falafel8. Vol-au-vent9. Bichak10. Bao(Photo: Follow The Ruels)11. Pizza wheels(Photo: Home Cooking...

The Traditional Wedding Of Olu Jacobs And Joke Silva’s Son’s Was Lit!

So we gave you amebo about the wedding of Olusoji, the son of Nollywood veterans, Olu Jacobs and Joke Silva. We’re happy to report that the traditional wedding took place today and...

Check Out Joke Silva’s Dance Moves At Her Son’s Wedding

Joke Silva is not playing at all! The Nollywood veteran gave us some serious mother-of-the-groom vibes with her dance steps at her son, Olusoji’s wedding. In typical Joke Silva fashion, she danced with grace...

Plan Your Wedding With A 100K Budget in Nigeria. Yes It’s Possible!ZUMI

It sounds ridiculous to plan your wedding with a 100k budget in Nigeria. We know. But read through, let’s show you how, and then thank us later. It’s not gonna be easy,...

Court Wedding Style Inspiration From Meghan Markle’s Latest OutfitsZUMI

Court wedding style is quite different from what you’ll expect from a white wedding because more attention is paid to the neckline, slit and length of the dress. You can still pull...

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