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15 Most Common Signs Your Partner Is Cheating On You


A man sending text message as his girlfriend sleeps in the bed, a serious expression on a face. Source: Google

Romantic relationships come with many challenges. A common setback is infidelity and you can expect many excuses from a cheating partner.

Check out for the common lies that cheaters will tell you after they were found guilty of infidelity.

1. Avoidance Behaviours

Whenever your partner starts showing you this sign in your relationship there are clear indications that they are up to something.

They obviously choose to avoid you on a daily basis, they always give several kinds of excuses to stay away from you.

Whenever you feel as if you are being avoided, they don’t want to go anywhere or do anything with you anymore.

2. Private Lifestyles


Infidelity: Mature man sending text message and his girlfriend sleeps in the bed, a serious expression on the face. 

When you find your longtime partner, who has always been accountable in every dealing with you, suddenly starts being secretive, it is one of the signs to note that your partner might be having an affair with someone else.

3. Technology Security


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The social media has ruined and upheld many relationships. Whenever your partner clears the browser history on the home computer and phones, when your partner starts securing accounts, it is a call for you to increase your observations to know what your partner is up to.

4. Hostile Styles


Are You The Problem In The Relationship? Source: Hey Sigmund

When cheerful partners suddenly become hateful. They don’t think that they are capable of doing any wrong at all. They always think that they are special people who are above apologies.

This is another clear indication that your relationship might have gone beyond just the two of you and there are outside forces who are instigating your partner against you.

5. Faded Emotional intimacy


Shot of a young couple ignoring each other on a Sofa

Whenever your relationship starts being less intimate as it used to be before and the closeness began to fade away.

There are several things to watch out for in such a relationship – either your partner is seeing somebody else outside your relationship or as a result of infidelity.

”I started to be much happier in my relationship when I realized that I can only control myself. That way you don’t waste your time thinking, what if he cheats on me? You can’t control that,” says Crystal Reed.

6. Communication Barrier


Couples not having communication. Source: Google

Whenever you observe the link of conversation with your partner suddenly fades away without any genuine explanation for such action, it is one of the clear things to look out for. Your partner might be getting the attention from somebody else.

However, several partners in a relationship hardly believe their relationships are packing up because of lack of communication.

Every healthy relationship is built on solid communication. Whenever a relationship is starved of communication it will be hard to sustain it.

7. Growing Tensions


Unhealthy Relationship: GettyImages

Whenever you find out your partner has become uneasily whenever around you. It is a time to note that your partner is already seeing somebody else.

Look out for:

    • When your partner exhibits signs of low self-esteem and started noticing that your partner has a sense of confusion about themselves.
    • Your partner becomes more negative than before.
    • Also, your partner easily becomes more critical of you and picking fights more often.
    • When you ask for reassurance about cheating, you do not feel satisfied with the response.

8. I promise I will change!


Unhealthy Relationship

This is a common excuse cheaters tell their partners when they are caught. But this doesn’t guarantee you as a partner to give up totally.

9. I will never do it again!


Couple in vacations walking on the street, man holding other woman’s hand.
Source: Google

This is another clear trick that they will tell you just to keep you around. Remember, once a cheater, always a cheater. However, it is really up to you whether you will be willing to tolerate constant infidelity.

10. You are Over Reacting!


Annoyed boyfriend arguing with his girlfriend. Courtesy: Google Advanced Search

This is one of the responses you get when you confront your cheating partner. The response is that you are overreacting when you find out any of your partners suspicious moves.

It’s okay to freak out on your cheating boyfriend/girlfriend. Whatever range you unleash on him/her they deserve it.

11. They always conceal the truth


man sending text message as his girlfriend sleeps in the bed, a serious expression on the face. Source: Google

Cheaters are always fond of lying. Also, they are attached to concealing the truth. They will say one thing even when they believe something else.

They are people who are affectionate in hiding things. They suddenly become the suppressing type which in return show who they really are. They will never allow themselves to be exposed because they don’t want you to know their motives.

12. They altered Schedule


Man pointing at his wristwatch. Credit: Google

You can easily spot it when your partner has started or is about to cheat. Your partner assumes that there is nothing wrong in it to always keep you waiting for them.

They always want everyone else to adjust to their own personal schedules. They act as superiors, who dictate how time should be spent.

13. They act irresponsibly on a consistent basis


Look Forward To Changes

A sudden change in the attitude of your formerly caring partner is an indicator that he/she might have started an affair with somebody else.

They unexpectedly do anything they want to do without thinking about how their actions might hurt you.

14. Their Sex Life Changes


the relationship must not be base on sex

Finding out that your partner is acting strangely, you can easily identify that when their sexual libido decreases or increases.

Research has it that it is common for cheaters to decrease the frequency of sex at home, as much as they are getting it elsewhere. It is also noted that sometimes they try to have sex more at home.

According to Coleman, speaking with, “Guilt-ridden people may increase lovemaking at home. Some will do so to cover their tracks. But some may do so to satisfy a partner so that the partner will not be seeking sex at a later time when the cheater knows he or she won’t be available.”

15. They Spend Less Time around their partner


Female partner walking out of her spouse. Gettyimages

This is another way of spotting a cheating partner. Most cheaters have to make time for their flirting. That time is usually extracted from the time you once spent together.

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15 Most Common Signs Your Partner Is Cheating On You

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