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20 Simple Things To Do To Avoid Heartbreak In Relationship


There are many things you can do to avoid heartbreak in your relationship. Although Love is a beautiful thing, yet you need to put somethings into consideration if you truly want your relationship to be free of heartbreaks.


As money is the lubricant that oils the wheels of the gospel, so also love is the power house and engine room of a successful relationship.


Love adds salt to food. It adds taste to a tasteless situation. It adds cold water to a thirsty soul and above all, it gives hope to the heart and mind of those that have long forgotten it.


Source: zoosk

Despite all these, you are still likely to experience heartbreak at some point in your life unless you are willing to isolate yourself completely from the market of relationship and marriage.


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This is because no one can live a happy and fulfilling life in isolation.


Source: Tony Robbins


20 Simple Things To Do To Avoid Heartbreak In Relationship

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