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2020 Easter: 60 Amazing Gifts Ideas For Adults, Kids, Men, Women


60+ Best Easter Gift Ideas For 2020

Easter offers us the chance to reflect and show gratitude for life, family and faith. Commemorate this joyous holiday with personalized Easter gifts that capture the spirit and make your loved ones smile this season.


60+ Best Easter Gift Ideas For 2020

Concise News has a trinket for everyone on your list. Whether you are shopping for your kids, your friends, your family, or for religious gathering, here is a selection of Easter-approved gifts they would adore.

Easter Gift For Adults


Easter Gift For Adults

You may think Easter gifts are just for kids alone, No! Adults can totally get in on the action, too, because there are tons of Easter gifts for grown-ups out there – from spring-inspired decor to sweet treats.


Easter Gift For Adults

Whether you are shopping for loved ones or ready to go full Easter shopping this year, these Easter gift ideas have you covered:

1. Gift Basket


Gift Basket

This gift will transport them straight to the orchard. From the charming basket to the organic fruit selected on the day you pack the gift, every detail of this bountiful selection celebrates the things we love about the harvest. You can also include cashews covered in milk chocolate and more gourmet snacks.

2. Colorful Flowering Market Garden


Colorful Flowering Market Garden

Bright and cheerful flower will not be wrong as a Easter gift, as flowering garden brings beauty wherever it goes. Multiple flowering plants compliment one another in this stunning composition.

3. You Name It! Signature Bowl


You Name It! Signature Bowl

Signature bowl is a personal creation exclusive! When you give this kind of gift as Easter gift to your loved ones, trust me, they would be cereal-ously excited to eat their cornflakes, dessert, soup, etc. out of this colossal bowl featuring their name so bright and bold.

4. Canvas & Leather Travel Cooler


Canvas & Leather Travel Cooler

A Personal Creation Exclusive! Tough, but stylish. This travel cooler is the perfect way to transport their favorite brew. Fully insulated, it will even keep any beverage chilled for hours.

5. Duck Duck Goose Cheese Board


Duck Duck Goose Cheese Board

This might be the cutest cheese board ever made. The little ducks are actually cheese knives that fit inside for easy storage! Present this to a foodie friend on Easter day and see how happy they would be.

6. Chocolate Strawberry Cheesecake 


Chocolate Strawberry Cheesecake

What do you get when you take decadent bite-sized cheesecakes, top them with a ribbon of strawberry puree, and then cover them in dark chocolate and pink and white chocolate swizzles? Cheesecake bites give a decadent, unforgettable gift that they would love. The perfect way to send best wishes, no matter how far apart you are.

7. Orell Pizza Cutter


Orell Pizza Cutter

A rabbit pizza cutter might seem a little out there, but this one is surprisingly elegant—and perfect for the friend who loves to cook.

8. Gather Here Table Runner


Gather Here Table Runner

Table Runner is also a Personal Creations Exclusive that will make your loved ones excited. Leave it to this bunch of cheerful bunnies to ensure your Easter feast is hopping with happiness.

9. Colourful Tie Dye Beach Towel


Colourful Tie Dye Beach Towel

Colourful tie and dye towel is a Personal Creations Exclusive made for Easter beach handout with friends and family. Get in the groove this summer with a beach towel bursting with outta sight colors. The vibrant tie-dye design ensures your spot on the sand stands out.

10. King of the Grill Collection


King of the Grill Collection

Grandpas, fathers, uncles and friends will be proud to show off their favorite grilling gadgets as Easter celebration approaches. Why don’t you surprise one of them with this lovely Easter gift.

11. Flipping Awesome Grilling Tray


Flipping Awesome Grilling Tray

Make sure your sultan of sizzle is fully equipped to serve up this awesome barque (BBQ) in style with  a Personal Creations Exclusive Flipping Awesome Grilling Tray.

12. Mosaic Garden Stepping Stone


Mosaic Garden Stepping Stone

A unique and lasting way to brighten your loved ones’ garden for Easter celebration is this Personal Creations of pretty mosaic stepping stones that are made of durable, all-weather cast resin, featuring brightly colored mosaic tiles.

.13. Entertainment Beverage Tube


Entertainment Beverage Tube

Handy for both indoor and outdoor entertaining, the waterproof beverage tub will never tarnish or rust and holds up to 24 standard-size beer bottles.

14. Blossoms Leather Journal


Blossoms Leather Journal

This type of gift will remind the receiver of Evocative days when young women would faithfully record their thoughts in a private journal. This lovely design offers the refined look and rich texture of genuine leather. It is destined to be a constant companion for anyone who loves the finer things.

15. Animal With An Attitude Tote Bag


Animal With An Attitude Tote Bag

This is a Personal Creations Exclusive! Animal with an attitude Tote bag don’t get any cooler than this. These stand-out-from-the-crowd characters make the perfect sidekicks for trips to the beach, mall, sleepovers, wherever your travels take you.

16. Any Message Glass Catchall


Any Message Glass Catchall

This chatty catchall decorated with your personal message makes a charming way to corral everything from keys to earrings. It even makes loose change and paper clips look stylish.

17. Monogram Leather Tassel Key Chain


Monogram Leather Tassel Key Chain

If fashion teaches us anything, it is that fun accents never go out of style. This lovely leather tassel fob is the perfect accessory to add a little personal flair to a set of keys, purse or anything that could use a touch of fringe.

18. Photo Message Frosted Mason Jar


Photo Message Frosted Mason Jar

This is a special and Personal Creations Exclusive Easter gift. This type of gift can make couples show off their favorite folks and beverage in style with this new twist on the old-fashioned Mason jar. It is sure to be their go-to mug for years to come.

19. Leather Travel Jewelry Case


Leather Travel Jewelry Case

This genuine leather case offers a host of smart storage features to keep your smallest valuables safe, secure and neatly organized. A sophisticated accessory no woman should travel without. This, as an Easter gift, won’t be bad for a friend that loves travelling.

20. Easter Chocolate Brownie Pops & Half Dozen Fancy Strawberries


Easter Chocolate Brownie Pops & Half Dozen Fancy Strawberries

Make your loved ones’ Easter celebration fun as you gift them egg-stra special with this fun and festive duo of gifts. The fudgy hand-decorated bunny, chick and egg Easter Brownie Pops have been designed exclusively for Easter get away and feature adorable details like playful bows and colorful polka dots. They have paired them with the most popular strawberries, topped with nuts, chocolate chips and swizzles.

Easter Gifts Your Kids Will Love


Easter Gifts For Kids

Surprise your kids with personalised Easter gifts like customised toys, puzzles, games, books, keepsakes and baskets or buckets full of treats and fun decorations that would set a festive atmosphere for your family celebration.

21. Earlyears Chicken ‘n Egg Stackers


Earlyears Chicken ‘n Egg Stackers

This developmental toy is a fun new twist to stacking cups and lets kids practice basic fine-motor skills. Your baby will have a great time stacking a set of adorable colorful eggs, and then knocking them down to start all over again.

22. Wonder world Hopping Bunny Walker Push Toy


Wonder world Hopping Bunny Walker Push Toy

Your toddler would have oodles of fun while perfecting his/her walking with this toy. The pink and green plush bunnies hop up and down as the walker is pushed, so your kid will be encouraged to keep moving forward. Just keep a close eye on your mobile munchkin

23. LEGO Painting Easter Egg Set


LEGO Painting Easter Egg Set

Your kids can recreate an Easter tradition with this kit, which has 153 pieces for building a kitchen scene and a small garden. As with all LEGO sets, it doesn’t skimp on the charming details and includes extras such as a paintbrush and a palette, a wall clock and a pot for the stove.

24. Fingerlings Narwhals


Fingerlings Narwhals

Like all fingerlings, these are meant to rest on the top of your fingers and do cool tricks. But as narwhals (the unicorns of the sea), they are also equipped with some unique features, like magic motion sensors that let them surf air waves and mood horns that change colors.

25. Jelly Belly Easter Mix 


Jelly Belly Easter Mix

This bag of candy is a mix of jelly beans, chocolate eggs and candy corn. They are all tasty, sweet and a combo of these is small enough to fit perfectly inside a plastic egg.

26. The Piggy Box


The Piggy Box

Traditional piggy boxes are cute for all kids, but this modern version is great for older children. It is so much smarter and it features three drawers: one for spending; one for saving; and one for giving. And within each are compartments to organize both coins and bills.

27. Pochibi Rabbit


Pochibi Rabbit

These soft silicone coin purses aren’t just handy for holding change; they are also the ideal size for holding ear buds, jewelry and other trinkets. For a stylish kid, Mimi Pochibi Rabbit is the answer.

28. Kinder Surprise Egg Pack


Kinder Surprise Egg Pack

Although this snack is tasty and available all year round, it is another one of those things that is particularly ideal for Easter. Inside one half of the egg is the treat itself, and inside the other is a small toy

29. Make Your Own Bubble Pop Slimygloop


Make Your Own Bubble Pop Slimygloop

Slime kits are everywhere these days, but this one stands out for the rainbow expanding water beads that will leave your kids mesmerized because the kit has everything you need, so you won’t have to make another stop at the store for more gift.

30. Hatchimals Magic 12-Pack Egg Carton 


Hatchimals Magic 12-Pack Egg Carton

Hatchimals make awesome Easter gifts given their egg design. But this time around they are giving their toys an aquatic twist. Inside the eggs are mammals (aka half-mermaid, half-Hatchimal creatures), Clown-fish and other characters who when dipped into water, magically change color

31. My Audio Pet Chick-A-Dee-Doo-Dah


My Audio Pet Chick-A-Dee-Doo-Dah

Chick-A-Dee-Doo-Dah isn’t just cute. It connects to tech devices via Bluetooth connection to play tunes, too. It is a trusty companion that can easily fit in your kid’s pocket. For a boy child, who loves listening to music or singing, this gift item will be good for him as an Easter gift.

32. Easter Cookies Gift Tin


Easter Cookies Gift Tin

These adorable Easter-themed decorative cookies are the perfect sweet treat to celebrate the holiday with your kids.

33. Ice Hoop


Ice Hoop

Though this probably won’t fit inside your child’s Easter basket, it still makes for a great goody for the amount of fun your kid would get out of it. Best of all, it is a no-cleanup toy that can be used indoors or outdoors.

34. Yoobi Bunny Pouch


Yoobi Bunny Pouch

This bunny-themed pencil case can be spot-cleaned with mild soap and warm water, so it looks just as good on the last day of school as the first day your kid got it. It will be advisable to get this Yoobi Bunny Pouch for your kids for Easter.

35. Damask Bunny Mixed Appetizer Plates


Damask Bunny Mixed Appetizer Plates

What Easter brunch wouldn’t be made better with some beautiful bunny plates? Damask Bunny Plate set of 4 Mixed Appetizer plate is the dream of every child. You can’t go wrong with the choice.

36. Crayola Silly Putty Pastel Big Egg


Crayola Silly Putty Pastel Big Egg

No time to create slime? You can buy these silly putty eggs instead, and put them in your kids’ basket.The silly putty eggs come in four colors, and each one comes with a surprise toy inside. This slime can stretch, snap and bounce, but unlike DIY slime, there is less of a chance this will cause a mess in your kitchen.

37. Janod Zigolos Pull Along Tractor Hen


Janod Zigolos Pull Along Tractor Hen

Little ones will develop their motor skills and learn shapes and colors as they play with this toy, which comes with three eggs to fit into the tractor. Janod Zigolos Pull Along Tractor Hen is a one rad ride.

38. Dora’s Egg Hunt


Dora’s Egg Hunt

Take your kid on an Easter-themed learning quest with Dora and Boot in this program. Join them on their search for the Big Yellow Egg, and sing along to two additional musical stories, tt will be perfect if you’re hitting the roads for the holiday.

39. The Berenstain Bears and the Easter Story


The Berenstain Bears and the Easter Story

Have your child learn the true meaning behind Easter with Brother, Sister and Honey Bear in this story by Jan and Mike Berenstain. The Bear cubs watch a play called “The Easter Story” and discover that there is more to the holiday than just delicious sweets.

40. Crayola Color Wonder Scented Color Stampers


Crayola Color Wonder Scented Color Stampers

Any kid can become an artist with this set, which includes five scented markers in cherry, blueberry, orange, lime and banana, one scented ink pad that smells like chocolate and five interchangeable stamps. If you are worried about the mess involved, you need not to worry; the markers and stamps are designed to only work on the Color Wonder blank sheets, also included, so there is no risk of your child marking up the whole house.

41. Pat the Bunny, by Dorothy Kunhardt


Pat the Bunny, by Dorothy Kunhardt

A fun and interactive book is a fine choice for your baby’s first Easter present. Your little one will love patting the bunny’s soft fur, smelling the flowers, and looking in the mirror to see her own reflection in Dorothy Kunhardt’s iconic tale.


While Easter is commonly associated with the Easter bunny, Easter egg hunts and Easter candy for children, it shouldn’t be forgotten that it is a religious holiday.

Along with the more whimsical gifts you want to give your loved ones, you may want to add some religious Easter gifts in keeping with the more serious side of the day. Here is the list you can choose from.

42. Initial Cross Pendant


Initial Cross Pendant

Spirituality takes a gorgeous turn with this stunning necklace. He/she will love being able to put his/her faith on display with so much personalized flair this Easter.

 43. Words of Faith Dog Tag


Words of Faith Dog Tag

A Personal Creations Exclusive for religious guru. Now believers can show their faith in a striking way with the unique military-style dog tag. It features a religious icon and your choice of inspirational words on the front and back. This type of gift for Easter would be heartfelt.

 44. Wings Of Faith Pendant


Wings Of Faith Pendant

Let her faith soar with this graceful two-part pendant featuring an elegantly handcrafted dove with a Swarovski pearl at its heart.

 45. Word Of Faith Key Chain


Word Of Faith Key Chain

This striking keychain as a wonderful way to keep track of your keys, and celebrate your beliefs. It makes a memorable gift, or a great faith-based accessory for yourself and your loved ones. It also gives room for customisation and personification.

46. Children’s Wooden Crosses


Children’s Wooden Crosses

Here is a special way to share your faith with God’s little ones. Crosses are detailed with pewter girl or boy figure. A wonderful token of love and inspiration for children on Easter day or for a newborn’s Christening or First Communion.

47. Grateful Hearts Table Runner


Grateful Hearts Table Runner

This is  Personal Creations Exclusive you can give your christian relations on Easter day to  set their table with gratitude and served up with an extra helping of togetherness. The attractive runner will take centre stage at any meal.

48. Rules of Faith Doormat


Rules of Faith Doormat

If you have decided to present this rule of Faith Doormat to your friends, relations or church members you can take a step further to customize it with their rules or God instructions in the bible. This type of gift is a beautifully inspiring way to remind family and visitors of the Christian values you hold dear.

49. Bless This Food Kitchen Towel


Bless This Food Kitchen Towel

The heartfelt prayer gracing our kitchen towel reminds us to give thanks for the things that bring families together such as food, family bond and love. This, as Easter gift, won’t be wrong.

50. Jesus Loves Me Mini Canvas


Jesus Loves Me Mini Canvas

Inspire a special child with a beloved verse from the well-known children’s song. A meaningful way to remember a baptism or Holy Communion, the mini-canvas is a loving reminder to pray every day and a darling accent for a child’s bedroom.

51. Guide Your Way Compass


Guide Your Way Compass

Elegantly use this guide-your-way compass gift as a way to remind the Easter celebrant that with God’s help, they will always know the right direction to take on their journey through life.

52. Silver Cross Keepsake Box


Silver Cross Keepsake Box

Inspirational gifts keep that unforgettable moment alive forever. Oval keepsake box is lined with black felt to protect valuables. High-polish silver-plated piece has a lovely raised cross accent good for Easter gift give away.

53. Goodnight Jesus Night Light


Goodnight Jesus Night Light

Set the stage for sweet dreams with an adorable nightlight that eases nighttime fears while inspiring a prayerful spirit

54. Czech Glass Holy Rosary


Czech Glass Holy Rosary

Finely crafted and nicely arranged lustrous Czech glass beads, rosary is an elegant symbol of faith. The perfect gift for Easter celebration, first communion, confirmation or even wedding.

55. Animated Prayer Bear


Animated Prayer Bear

Encourage your little ones to say their night prayers with this cuddly bear whose head moves. At the touch of a button, it recites three prayers and plays “Jesus Loves Me”.

56. Birthstone Rosary Beads Bracelet


Birthstone Rosary Beads Bracelet

A Personal Creations Exclusive! Keep her prayers close at hand with this lovely European glass-beaded bracelet. It makes a cherished devotional gift for young and old alike.

57. Family Prayer Accent Light


Family Prayer Accent Light

Family prayer accent light spiritually enlightens. This will be perfect for your favorite family of faith.

58. Fruit & Healthy Snacks Gift Basket


Fruit & Healthy Snacks Gift Basket

This spectacular basket is a sure way to wow friends and family, no matter what they are celebrating. This fresh and fabulous collection of treats is beautifully packaged in a reusable hand-tied dipped basket, making it as lovely as it is delicious. We started with amazing fruit, including a sweet pineapple, tropical mango and three varieties of pears. We even included a lemon and lime to freshen up their water or cocktail. For a sweet finishing touch, we added their favorite chocolate-covered snacks, sweets and nuts.

59. Charming Children’s Bible


Charming Children’s Bible

Bible makes an exquisite gift to celebrate Easter. Easy to read and understand, the New King James Version Bible is a perfect way to anchor today’s youngsters in God’s Word.

60. Family Meaning Wood Plank Sign


Family Meaning Wood Plank Sign

Honor the traditional values that make your family special with this rustic wood sign. You can customize it for your family or personalize it as Easter gift for your loved ones



News Update?Osun Governorship Election Petition Tribunal Sitting Begins October 26

Latest Politics updatein nigeria

Osun State Governorship Election Petition Tribunal will on October 26 begin a full hearing of the petition filed by Governor Adegboyega Oyetola of the All Progressives Congress (APC) against the declaration of Senator Ademola Adeleke as governor-elect.

Lifestyle Nigeria reports that the tribunal made this pronouncement after concluding the pre-hearing session on Thursday.

The tribunal was asked to dismiss the applications of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), seeking the discontinuation of the petition brought to it by Governor Oyetola.

Counsel for Oyetola and the APC, Lasun Sanusi, SAN, at the sitting of the tribunal argued that Adeleke’s, PDP’s and INEC’s reliance on a Federal Court High judgment was nothing but an abuse of court process.

Sanusi argued this while replying to separate applications of the trio, seeking the dismissal of the petition based on the already appealed Federal High Court judgment disqualifying Oyetola from contesting the election.

Citing Supreme Court decisions in the case of Jegede Vs INEC, 2021, 14NWLR, Pt 1797, page 409, the counsel said the court had ruled that the signatories to the letter conveying the nomination of a candidate were not the nominators; rather, the nomination was done by party members at the congress, hence, the judgment could not stand.

Meanwhile, the counsel for INEC, Prof. Paul Ananaba, SAN; counsel for Adeleke, Onyechi Ikpeazu, SAN and counsel for the PDP, Dr. Alex Izinyon, SAN, agreed that any decision the tribunal would take on the matter would have to wait until the Appeal Court and the Supreme Court decided on it.

They noted that they just decided to argue the applications to have it on record, a position which the tribunal agreed with and put on record.

Also, in other applications totalling nine by the three respondents, they asked the tribunal to strike out some paragraphs of the petition on the grounds that they were either lumped together or not related to the 2022 election.

In response to each of the applications, Sanusi said all the cases cited by the respondents were misconceived, adding that they were not applicable in the instance case.

He cited the case of INEC Vs Otti, 2016, 8NWLR, where the Supreme Court hinted that INEC was supposed to be neutral, arguing that all the processes filed before the panel have not portrayed the commission’s neutrality.

Sanusi further argued that the applications filed by the respondents were only meant to prevent the tribunal from focusing on hearing the petition on merit, asking the panel to dismiss the applications.

Subsequently, counsel for all parties in the matter agreed to begin the full hearing starting with the calling of witnesses on October 26.

In his ruling, the tribunal declared the pre-hearing session concluded and announced that the pre-hearing conference report would be presented on October 17.

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%title% Nigeria Air Force who died in the crashed NAF Alpha-jet that crashed in Borno state laid to rest (photos) Lifestyle Nigeria

Nigeria Air Force who died in the crashed NAF Alpha-jet that crashed in Borno state laid to rest (photos)

The remains of Flight Lieutenant Chapele Ebiakpo, one of the pilots of the NAF Alpha-Jet aircraft that crashed in Maiduguri, Borno state on March 31, 2021, have been laid to rest.


It will be recalled that the Nigerian Air Force fighter jet was declared missing on 31 March 2021 after losing radar contact. The crash site was later discovered and the bodies of the two pilots onboard the ill-fated jet were recovered. The pilots were on the battlefield fight Boko Haram members when the jet crashed.


On Thursday, October 13, friends and family members of the Late Ebiakpo gathered together at the National Military cemetery to bid him farewell. May his soul rest in peace, Amen.


See more photos from the funeral below…


Nigeria Air Force who died in the crashed NAF Alpha-jet that crashed in Borno state laid to rest (photos)Nigeria Air Force who died in the crashed NAF Alpha-jet that crashed in Borno state laid to rest (photos)Nigeria Air Force who died in the crashed NAF Alpha-jet that crashed in Borno state laid to rest (photos)Nigeria Air Force who died in the crashed NAF Alpha-jet that crashed in Borno state laid to rest (photos)Nigeria Air Force who died in the crashed NAF Alpha-jet that crashed in Borno state laid to rest (photos)Nigeria Air Force who died in the crashed NAF Alpha-jet that crashed in Borno state laid to rest (photos)




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Age: 25 years old

Profession: Actress

Nationality: Nigerian

State Of Origin: Edo State

Net Worth: $15K dollars

Details About Phyna Bbnaija

Phyna is currently 25 years old and she was born in the Nigerian state of Edo. Ijeoma Josephina is the correct spelling of her given name. She recounted herself as being the one who bring the ginger and the vibes to Biggie’s residence.


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Phyna Bbnaija Date Of Birth

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What is the net worth of Phyna Bbnaija?

At the time of writing, phyna bbnaija’s net worth was calculated at $15,000.


There is still a lot of work to be done in this article. I’ll get to it as quickly as I can. Please share and leave a comment

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