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35 Beautiful Gele Styles to Stun at Any Occassion



Flowered gele

The Nigerian Gele fashion is everything and more. Gele is a word used by the Yoruba, one of the Nigeria’s major ethnic groups. The gele is a head wrap that is traditional for all Nigerians and in fact for most African cultures. This stunning head gear is an artfully folded piece of special fabric that completes the traditional dressing of most cultures in Nigeria. It is often worn for special occasions like weddings, thanksgivings, church services and retirement parties. Gele completes every owambe event!


Geles have evolved so much that today, we have what we call the auto-gele. The Auto gele as the name implies is an already set gele that you can put together in a few minutes. Unlike the usual gele that you can make into an unlimited number of styles, the auto-gele often has just one style.

There is no record of exactly how the Gele originated in Nigeria. However, in 1960, geles were tied to mimic the architecture of Nigeria’s first skyscraper. Back then, the National Theatre was built with a peaked roof to mimic a general’s cap. Nigerian fashionistas then, folded and twisted their geles to echo the design of the National Theatre. This artistic piece of dressing has made its way to the red carpet! Lupita Nyong’o wore the gele at the Toronto premiere of her film Queen of Katwe.


There are many ways to tie the gele. And we’re bringing you over 35 styles to rock to any event!



Stunning, classic dark purple gele for a memorable party.

unique gele style

How absolutely beautiful is this dark green pointy gele? This would be perfect for ladies with smaller faces.

Beautiful gele

Just when you think Gele couldn’t get any more creative. Beautiful burnt orange gele; goes really well with black.

stunning gele

Beautiful violet gele. This gele is so well layered it could be an auto gele. Violet geles go great with many shades of purple, pink, white colour, black and more.


Stunning, dark red gele with a front indent. This would be perfect for a traditional wedding.

Nigerian gele

Shimmery, faded violet gele, layered beautifully for a classic look.


Shimmery geles are simply awesome. This beautiful orange gele perfectly combined with and orange outfit proves our point!

Naija Gele

You can’t go wrong with a silver gele.

Wedding Gele

There’s just something about the combination of shimmer and the colour orange on a gele. Look at that jaw dropper.

Trad gele

We’re all here for this beautiful pink gele! How stunning is this?

small gele

Not everyone likes big geles. If you’re not one for dramatic geles, try this small gele style.

Big Gele

Beautiful light blue gele to pair with a variety of lace colours.

Traditional wedding gele

Cyan is such a lovely colour. Now combine that colour with gele fashion and you’ve hit a home run.

Small gele styles

Very light grey, small sized gele to stun at any occasion.

black and gold gele

Very creatively tied black and gold accessories gele. Just beautiful!

golden gele

Gold geles are a classic. These geles are perfect for any event from aso-ebi to trads to thanksgiving. You can never go wrong with a gold gele. Check out these beautiful styles!

golden gele

golden gele

Flowered gele

Yes, gele can also be accessorized with flower cuts out. Stunning.

Unique gele

Both the gele and the wearer are killing it!

Dramatic gele

Talk of a dramatic gele. This full circle gele is just what you need to make an unforgettable statement.

Pink Gele

Beautifully tied baby pink gele for a great look.

Rose Pink Gele

Beautiful rose pink gele with a beautful side knot.

Green side gele

Creatively fanned out gele for a show stopping look.

Orange gele

If you’re thinking of what gele colour to wear, just know you can’t go wrong with orange. 😉

Red gele

Gorgeous gele with gold embellished edges. Simply elegant.

Side gele

Another exquisite gold gele to rock at any owambe.

Very big gele

As far as glamorous geles go, this one steals the show.

purple and gold gele

Artistically folded purple and gold gele.

Yellow Gele

Fanned out geles are always a good look especially in bright colours like yellow.

Orange gele

What did we say about orange geles? Delightful!

Lace gele

Geles can pretty much be tied with any piece of fabric that has an adequate length.

Fan gele

Drop-dead gorgeous gele to get mouths gaping!

Igbo Gele

Now, let’s get into Igbo geles. They’re different from the Yoruba gele in fabric and style. Experts say the Igbo gele is much harder to tie than the Yoruba gele.

Igbo gele styles

The work that would have gone into creating this alluring beauty…it’s all worth the final look.

Igbo gele

Rich, black Igbo gele to pair with any native.

Pink Igbo Gele

We finish off with this pink gele paired with a matching outfit.

There you have it! Stunning gele styles to rock to any event. Wondering what dress style to make so you can pair it with your gele? Check these amazing styles!


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