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70 Elegant Agbada Designs For Men & Women|Lifestyle


Agbada is an African traditional attire popularly worn by men, but, lately both guys and ladies rock it at mostly informal gatherings.

Agbada is an ancient attire which is most common among dignitaries and elderly men.

This attire always attracts various attention and easily elevates any man that wears it.



Standing out may be every lady’s desire but looking classy is completely for those who have appetite for fashion.

You don’t need to go bankrupt to look elegant. A little twist in your creativity will give you that desired appearance.


Attributes of Agbada?


Agbada is a large, overflowing garment that reaches well below the knees and sometimes touches the ankles.

It is mostly worn by men and for it to remain on the body of the wearer, it needs constant adjustments to ensure it ‘folds’ on the shoulders,


70 Elegant Agbada Designs For Men & Women|Lifestyle

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