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Adire Makes Modern Comeback With Beautiful, Trendy Styles

With the Ankara trend, the good old Adire (tie and dye) took the back seat for a long time. But right now, Adire is making a modern come back in trendy styles which perfectly appeals to women of different ages.

The Adire print which has strong traditional ties to the Yoruba tribe of South-western Nigeria is indeed making a modern comeback with its uniqueness, originality and versatility in trendy styles.

In recent times, Adire appeals very much to fashion-conscious people from different ethnic groups, as well as those on the international scene who love the colourful and cultural print.


For some time now, Adire has been trending. And with the different variations of the fabric like batik, Eleko, indigo, silk among others, Adire is gradually making a comeback as well as making its way to the wardrobe of many fashionistas and Afrocentric lovers. The beauty of Adire is that every dot, line and pattern is symbolic.

The print is unique, versatile and original. The bright and vibrant colours and the way the fusion of the prints and patterns come together are really striking and catchy. No matter your complexion, you will definitely find colours, patterns and style that will suit you.

Today, due to their undying love for Adire, fashion designers in Nigeria and beyond are churning out trendy and ready to wear pieces in various beautiful styles and designs. These innovative styles can be worn to the office, casual as well as special occasions.

The print is easy, comfortable, and fashionable and gives a lot of chic vibes. It is a great option for various events like weddings, birthdays, and casual outings with family, friends and even to the office.

Adire print has gone far beyond just for sewing the traditional iro and buba, agbada, and bubu as designers keep reinventing the print and coming up with elegant and ground-breaking styles with alluring details and sleeves. Some designers are constantly incorporating this unique fabric into their collections as well. Hence, the numerous fashionable ready to wear pieces and trendsetting styles for stylish women who love fashion and want to look good.

Just like designers make a wide range of lovely styles with Ankara, they are also designing a number of exquisite pieces with Adire that can be worn anytime, anywhere. You can gorgeously and trendily wear shift dress, romper, jacket, pant and dress suit, jumpsuit, kimono, shorts, gown, kaftan, tops, beachwear and lots more made with Adire for that stylish look.

Today, this beautiful work of art that comes in diverse forms has found its way back into the market and promises to stay for a long time. With the intricate details, artistic nature and cultural background of the fabric, the love affair between art and fashion will continue to blossom.

Before now, some luxury fashion brands have showcased stunning Adire trend at fashion weeks and now it’s gradually taking centre stage in the Nigerian fashion scene, thanks to some creative designers and fashion influencers.

So, check out some trendy and beautiful Adire styles worth having in your wardrobe as it makes a modern come back with a strong statement in fashion right now.

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Adire Makes Modern Comeback With Beautiful, Trendy Styles


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