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Arachnia sfx makeup tutorial

We’re back! And we kick off 2020 with a brutal arachnid inspired look straight from the darkest corners of any nightmare.
We strongly believe the Arachnia SFX Makeup Tutorial is a future Ellimacs classic. Built with household basics, a little latex and some skin adhesive. Get cracking on your own version and tag your creation #ReEllimacs on Instagram and show us your skills!

Tutorial segments:
0:32 Tutorial Overview
0:53 How to create the spider legs
2:43 How to create the spider eyes
3:03 Create headband with spider legs
3:52 Shaping the spider face with liquid latex paste
5:51 Swedish lesson
7:00 Painting the spider face mask
8:00 Hm what did we put here?
8:12 Mask application and finalising the look

Ellimacs SFX tutorials are shot and produced in Malmö, Sweden.
Special effects makeup performed by Ellinor Rosander

Intro and main background music composed and performed by Macs Moser

Tutorial overview track licensed from Epidemic Sound

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