Arachnia sfx makeup tutorial

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We’re back! And we kick off 2020 with a brutal arachnid inspired look straight from the darkest corners of any nightmare.
We strongly believe the Arachnia SFX Makeup Tutorial is a future Ellimacs classic. Built with household basics, a little latex and some skin adhesive. Get cracking on your own version and tag your creation #ReEllimacs on Instagram and show us your skills!

Tutorial segments:
0:32 Tutorial Overview
0:53 How to create the spider legs
2:43 How to create the spider eyes
3:03 Create headband with spider legs
3:52 Shaping the spider face with liquid latex paste
5:51 Swedish lesson
7:00 Painting the spider face mask
8:00 Hm what did we put here?
8:12 Mask application and finalising the look

Ellimacs SFX tutorials are shot and produced in Malmö, Sweden.
Special effects makeup performed by Ellinor Rosander

S-C-H-O-C-K-I-N-G : Nigerian Pastor Sucks Breasts Of Kenyan Women

Intro and main background music composed and performed by Macs Moser

Tutorial overview track licensed from Epidemic Sound

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