Basic Hair Care Secrets Every Woman Should Know

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Ladies, we  are aware that our hair is our pride! We don’t mind spending hours at the salon to look breathtaking. It doesn’t matter if we are burnt by heat or scorched by hot water, the end of the matter is what we cannot wait, a good hair. However, a good hair may not cost much but it can cost much if care is not maintained.  We have listed some of the secrets you may want to know.




You mustn’t use every shampoo on your hair.  Look for the shampoo that is formulated according to your hair type.  There are shampoos for different types of hair. Do not forget that conditioner follows after shampooing.


Breaking And Hair Loss

Are you experiencing hair loss? You can minimize hair loss or breakage when shampooing. Wet the hair thoroughly before using shampoo.  The flyaway strands of hair are controlled if we can use hairspray.  Also, make sure that clips, bobby pins and flowers do not affect your hair.


Hot water gets rid of the hair’s natural oil. Avoid using hot water on your hair. Lukewarm water is preferred.

 Hair Dryers

Don’t make mistake of hair drying your hair if it is not dry. Air dry or towel dry your hair before using hair dryers.

Brush the Hair

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Make sure you hair is brushed every morning to evenly distribute its natural oils. Make use of a wide toothed comb instead of a brush.


The hair should be covered in the sun or when the temperature is very cold. It can damage your hair if you get the hair exposed for a long time to these weather conditions. Do not share your brush with others.

Night Care

Before going to bed, take time to brush the hair to get rid of tangles and knots. If you have long hair, tie it into loose ponytail.


If you desire a great hair, take vitamins and minerals. Vitamin B12 rich meals are important.

Hair Treatments

On regular intervals, go for hair spas and treatments. Use professionals who can tell you the best way to handle your hair.


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