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Man uses Bluetooth speaker to chase goats and chickens from his sun-drying spot

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A Nigerian has gone viral in a Update causing stirs online as the man is seen using a Bluetooth speaker to chase chickens and goats away from his property.

The man in the Update, revealed that his beans had been invaded by weevils while stored in his kitchen.

The man has resorted to a traditional method of sun-drying his beans and keeping them off the insects.

However, as he laid out his beans under the sun, a new challenge emerged, where the unexpected presence of goats and chickens attracted by the exposed grains.

The ideal man retreated indoors to devise a strategy to ward off the animals.

In the Update, which has gone viral, @sedboi24h can be seen returning to his room and making funny noises through the Bluetooth speaker to scare away the goats and chickens.